Women Liberation Is A Task That Must Be Achieved  – Eniola Otasanya-Martins

Eniola Otasanya-Martins
Eniola Otasanya-Martins

Women Liberation Is A Task That Must Be Achieved  – Eniola Otasanya-Martins

The gubernatorial candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Eniola Otasanya-Martins has promised to liberate Ogun State women if voted into office.

Otasanya-Martins stated in an interview recently that her leadership would liberate Ogun State women and ensure they become financially independent through grants.

The gubernatorial candidate also promised that apart from the Ministry of Women Affairs, a ministry would be specifically created for market women and artisans in the state.

She revealed that this would address the challenges being faced by market men and women as well as artisans who she said were not being given a fair hearing in the state due to the belief that they are not educated.

Eniola, who said that her mother was a business woman and artisan, spoke about the role the woman played in the family and the support  she gave her father and the children.

She said that her government would reduce, if not totally eradicate, the rate of divorce, which she said its the root cause is as a result of financial crisis in homes.

According to her, once women are empowered, they will be able to support their husbands financially and this will also allow for effective domestic training of the children.

She noted that the society would become better, when homes are in good order, where the wife and husband are united.

This, she said is the only way children could be brought up in a good way, adding that this will naturally reduce insecurity in the state.

Eniola promised the women in Ogun State that bank loans would be a thing of the past amongst small and medium scale business men and women in the state.

She said that her leadership would create wealth through grants and other supports in growing businesses, which she said would make life better for the residents of the state.