As the nation is getting set for another round of general elections in 2019, a female Governorship Candidate in Ogun State, under the African Action Congress (AAC), Mrs. Elizabeth Folake Eniola Idunnu Ololade Martins (Nee Otasanya) has revealed why she wants to become the Governor of the Gateway state.

Eniola was born as a Princess on both mother and father sides and she is from Sagamu area of the state.

Speaking to newsmen recently on her manifesto, Eniola stated that the work ahead is bigger, and that accountability and responsiveness are critical to excellence in public service. Eniola promised to make it a priority to host regular stakeholder meetings to hear directly from Ogun State People.

On education, the female politician promised that improving the State’s educational system will be her top priority as Governor.

“I am passionate about access to education because I believe it is a basic right for every child in Ogun state to have the opportunity to succeed, and that starts with strong Government schools.


“How we educate and train people; both as youngsters and throughout their lives, has a profound impact not only on their own chances in life but on our State’s economy and competitiveness.

“As a child, I had a great education in Local State Schools with teachers who inspired me. Today’s teachers are among the uncelebrated champions of our communities, but their job is getting tougher and tougher. Meanwhile we have a skills gap, which is holding our economy back,” she said.

She also promised that she will support investment in the schools in the state so that they can have the resources needed to provide a safe and effective learning environment for all our children.

To strengthen the schools, and be an advocate for students and educators, she revealed that she will support professional technical training programs so that students can come out of high school career-ready.

According to her, “I work with higher education institutions to align skills provision with the needs of the state economy. I will repair and rebuild our school buildings that have deteriorated and create a conducive environment.

“I will provide up to date learning tools such as computers, laboratories and engineering equipment, and develop a programme to deliver basic digital skills to all young people.”

Healthcare is another area Eniola assured to focus on, if she is elected as the Governor of the State.

Eniola told journalists that, she believes all Ogun State residents deserve quality, affordable primary health care, and that nobody should be denied access or charged more for being sick, elderly, or a woman.

She stressed that she will assess the present state of the hospitals in the State and work along with the Doctors and Nurses by supporting them with the provision of the latest health equipment. “Whether it be cervical cancer screenings, family planning help or potentially lifesaving prenatal care, it has been made indefensibly difficult for women to access reproductive healthcare. This is especially troubling.

“I will take the necessary steps toward improving women’s access to affordable and quality healthcare, which include: Ensuring access to family planning help and postnatal medical support.

“I will expand Medicaid and funding family planning centres to prevent another mother dying needlessly due to complications before or after childbirth.

“My government will support policies that guarantee a woman’s access to birth control and emergency contraception.

“We will explore the viability of a token child benefit payment to newly born children in Ogun State after the initial data collection to help our women raise their children.

“I will provide special health services along with specialist examination, screening such as cervical, and breast cancer screenings,” she added.

Another area of importance for the female politician is security.

According to her ‘We all have friends, neighbours and colleagues whose lives have been blighted by crime”.

“As Governor, keeping you, your family, and your community safe will be one of my highest priorities”.

“Trust and confidence are the cornerstones of the police’s legitimacy in the eyes of the community – and the basis on which members of the public feel able to come forward with evidence and intelligence. Without such information, the detection and prevention of crime, the challenging of gang activity and even the identification of potential threats would not be possible.”

She revealed that she will work closely with the police and crime commissioner to provide effective and efficient policing services for the state.

In addition, she said that she will undertake a full review of the resources required by the Ogun State Fire Brigade with the aim of ensuring the service is fully equipped for the challenges ahead; not only for dealing with and preventing fires but also coping with major civil contingencies such as a terrorist attack or a flood, such as what we all witnessed in our state and other parts of the country early this year.

“Protective security should reflect the whole of Ogun State. The national security objective should ensure that the government’s most sensitive assets are robustly protected.

“We will ensure security services work transparently and openly to deliver services efficiently and effectively.

“We will support security services to assess risks at state level and support national risk assessment and management.

Assessments will identify potential threats, vulnerabilities and appropriate controls to reduce the risks to people, information and infrastructure to an acceptable level,” she said.

This process, she said, will take full account of relevant statutory obligations and protections, including the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act.

Eniola explained that agriculture has always been and will continue to be a vital part of the Nigerian economic fabric.

She added that the sector represents a major opportunity area for the economy; and that “we must ensure the families that provide the food which we all depend on are able to maintain a high quality of life.”

“As governor, I will help to maintain and strengthen the wellbeing and safety awareness of farmers.

“I will provide robust rural infrastructure for farmers and rural communities to increase economic opportunities.

“Underinvestment in rural infrastructure puts Ogun State agricultural businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

“Rural areas desperately need investments in drinkable water, road systems and modernized schools. The government should be a partner for these communities in spurring rural economic development,” she said.

The Governorship candidate stated that she is passionate about the importance of fairness and social justice and that she will ensure that opportunity and prosperity are shared, and that the vulnerable are protected from exploitation.

She said: “All workers should benefit from the economic growth they help create. Everyone has a stake in prosperity. There is a need to promote fair and transparent markets that allow everyone to compete and thrive.

“Many of the challenges that affect the prosperity and living standards of Ogun State residents are the same problems that hold businesses back – the need for a more affordable transport network with new capacity, the shortage of skills, and poor infrastructure for necessities like constant power supply.

“Dismantling the barriers to growth that exist, and increasing productivity will be one of my priorities. I am determined to be a ceaseless advocate for investment in Ogun State, and a champion for the interests of our industries.

“As governor, I will promote policies that encourage businesses to return investment to their consumers, employees and to the community through a new business advisory board made up of experts from a diverse range of sectors.

“I will remove barriers to entry for small businesses so that every entrepreneur or emerging business can have the opportunity to be successful.

“I will promote regulations that protect consumers, encourage competition and grow the economy.”

Another area of focus for Eniola is job creation and she stated that “we need to make it possible for all our youths to reach the top, regardless of their background, religion or gender.

“Too many jobs are only accessible through family networks or ‘who you know’. We owe it to the unemployed and employed residents to connect them with high value jobs by working with businesses.

“We must ensure that everyone benefits from the country’s economic growth and that every person who is willing to work has a chance to.”

To this end, she said that she will create a job brokerage service that will support residents to search for jobs and work experience opportunities, and apply for them.

Eniolla’s grandfather was the king in those days, while her father was Aremo Oba (first born).

The politician was born in Ebute Meta, Lagos Nigeria and attended St. Jude’s Primary School Ebute Meta starting from standard school through to primary school.

She later attended the Anglican Commercial Secondary School Isara-Remo for two years, St. John Memorial College Soliyi-Bariga for a year, the National College of Commerce Bariga for three years, finishing at Saapade Grammar School.

“Due to the nature of my father’s job, he was transferred from one post to another quite often, therefore requiring me to change secondary schools frequently.

“I completed a four-year criminology course with the federal government affiliated with University of Lagos, specialising in fingerprint through Force CID Alagbon Ikoyi Lagos.

“Eventually, I moved to the UK and worked with several large Central London retail stores including Evans, Debenhams, and John Lewis.

Following this, I worked for the Home Office within their Ports and Appeal section,” she said.

Eniola is blessed with two children, a son-in-law, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.


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