We shall run an inclusive government to make Ogun people feel more at home. Eniola Otasanya-Martins.

Eniola Otasanya-Martins

We shall run an inclusive government to make Ogun people feel more at home. Eniola Otasanya-Martins.

Eniola Otasanya-Martins

The campaign train of Eniola for Governor landed in Ilogbo to meet with the stakeholders in Ilogbo Asowo in Awori Land.

The candidate of African Action Congress was well received and the enthusiasm of the people was high, after the introduction of her team and the representatives of the people of Ilogbo. She opens up to the people on some of her agenda and how leadership will be decentralized in Ogun state to allow for even development across the five ethnic grouping in the state that is Remo, Ijebu, Yewa, Egba and Awori.

His Majesty Oba Dr.  Samuel Olufemi Ojugbele JP the Oba of Ilogbo Asowo Land welcomes Eniola and her campaign team to Ilogbo with his people, High Chief Ayuba Balogun and the Balogun Musulumi of Ilogbo Asowo, Chief Imam of Tigbo, Alhaji Ambali Suleiman Elegbede and Imam Olorunsogo, Alhaji Chief Alimi Fasakin to the land of Ilogbo, in his address he informed Eniola team of some of the sufferings of the people of Ilogbo and quest that her government if she eventually win the election should endevour to alleviate the sufferings of the people and connect them back to the state because they have been isolated from expected development despite the massive development in the state.

Education: the people raised a vital issue on education and complained that the schools available in Ilogbo land cannot accommodate the number of pupils in the community and it is so bad that they have an average of 150 -200 pupils/class/Teacher. in here response she admitted that the bedrock of any meaningful development in any society is education, she pledged to look seriously into the expansion of schools facilities based on the data collection that will allow the government to know how to effectively allocate development to each area of the state and she promised that schools will return to 30 -35 pupils/class with the support of the people.

Road Network: she was saddened by the road link to Ilogbo Asowo, a big town with increasing population due to extension from Lagos state. She narrated her experience and her findings on the road and the last time they felt government presence in the town with network of industries and the location for human development if effectively channeled.

Potable Water: the people also raised an issue on lack potable water for use of the people and how it has eluded them, she also responded that as promised the state will first embark of data collections to allow for even distribution of the facilities in the state and this will not only be done by government but an inclusive leadership, where representative from the people will play major role in the development of their respective area.

Youth Empowerment: this is a vital organ of human development, she also informed the people that her style of leadership with make youth more useful in the running of the affairs of the state and there will be reduction in idleness that makes our youth appears useless in the development of the state.

Woman Empowerment: she listened to the complaints of women on their efforts to earn a living and support their husbands earning in other to create a good life for the family, but the only means available has lead many young women into terrible exercise because of the result of the source of the income which is loan meant to alleviate their pains but has added more because the economy is not friendly and most often times they are locked up in an embarrassing situation to recover their money anytime they default in the payment, they enjoin her excellency to look for a way to assist women so the economy of their homes can better the future.

The High Chief in his remark, laid emphasis on campaign promises that same way people has deceived them in the past and being a woman, she must endeavor to do it right as a mother and ensure her promises are kept one she wins. He promised on behalf of the Ilogbo people that they will give her and her party support but she must not fail to deliver the dividend of democracy to the people.

The people asked several questions most especially women who needed to support their husband efforts at maintaining their respective home to meet up with the current economic crunch.  The youth in their remarks also enjoin Eniola and her team to ensure the need of the people is attended to and not what they feel people needed and they promised to deliver the 16 units of the land to African Action Congress.  The Chief Imam of Tigbo, Alhaji Elegbede gave words of advice to the aspirants.


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