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“No man ever became great or good except through many and great mistakes” – William Gladstone

Eric Entertainment Home is arguably the organization that took beauty pageant to the level it is today in Edo state. ‘Face of Edo Beauty Pageant’ will be organizing her 13th edition this year. The CEO of this organization that has survived a decade and half, has a very inspiring story.

Prince Eerik Odigie the founder and CEO is from a home where formal education is key. Not just formal education, they hold on to the paradigm of leaving school and getting a formal salary job, with an organization that guarantees “job security”. To crown it all, his family is also a conservative Christian family. Though he did not show any sign of deviating from such family paradigm in his earlier years, he however took his family by surprise after he left secondary school.

It all began in 1996/97 after he graduated from the famous Edo College, in Benin City and left for Lagos. While he was expected to sit for UME (University Matriculation Examination), as a family tradition, he started learning the use of computer. As it was also the ‘dotcom era’, his decision was not completely frowned at; with the hope that he was preparing for the future. Things soon started to go irrational, when he registered with ‘Modela Couture’; a top modeling company in Lagos. As his family intensified efforts to call him back to his senses, the more he fell in love with the modeling industry. He took another step by returning to Edo state, where he started recruiting girls that were interested in modeling, for Modela Couture.

“Modeling is not known in Edo state, he will soon get frustrated and acknowledge his foolishness”. This was the thought of his family members when he took it a step further, by starting his own entertainment company. Just like every other pioneer entrepreneur, nobody gave him a chance to succeed. He ran out of clean clothes many times in Abuja, those times he was chasing sponsors about. And in 2006, he hosted the first *Face of Edo Beauty Pageant*.

Anyone conversant with the social life in Edo state in the late 90’s, and during the new Millennium, would know that regular shows don’t get sponsors, let alone pageants.

This young man fought through those years; got regular sponsors for his event, started a nonprofit foundation (, furthered his education, and even dared to start a home. Today, he shares his life with a beautiful wife and daughter.

For the past five years and till date, the winner of the pageant goes home with a brand new car (courtesy of Hyundai). The runner up gets full University scholarship (courtesy of Igbinedion University and Benson Idahosa University). Fully sponsored luxurious foreign trips, among other benefits are also things the winner gets to enjoy.

All these have been possible because a nineteen year old boy was bold enough to follow his passion, daring the rational advice and concerns of those around him.

Are you still playing safe, listening to the “voice of reasoning”?

Follow your guts!

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