“I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat”~ Sylvester Stallone

There was a man whose predicament soon became the title attached to his name. While others were addressed as Mr., Mrs., Dr., or Engr, his was ‘Blind’ Bartimaeus (Bld.  Bartimaeus). This was the reproach he had to live with every day, until something happened.

One day, Jesus of Nazareth was passing the highway side where Bld Bartimaeus usually sits to beg for alms. It was at this spot he heard that Jesus Christ, whose fame had gone far and wide as the one that heals people everywhere he goes, was passing by. Though he could not see, and therefore couldn’t tell if Jesus was close or far, he just started to shout; *”Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me”*. This was absurd to the rational people around him.

In their rational mind, they were thinking; “like seriously, if insanity has not been added to his blindness, is this how people get miracles?” “Can’t he beg his relative to take him to the temple, so he too can receive his sight like others?” “Look at the way he is shouting, he will soon add headache to his blindness”. And some were even generous enough to counsel him, telling him to just shut up and keep quiet. But the more they tried to shut him up, the more he shouted.

If it were in Nigeria, you would have heard something like; *”can’t you hear his name, bartimouse, he must be from Southwest. Look at the way he is shouting the name as if he gave him the name, opening all his mouth. Yoruba people, dem sabi shout anyhow. Abeg make una tell am to keep kwayet before flies enter his mouth.”*

As irrational as the approach was, he got Christ’s attention. Jesus stopped and asked them to call him. Now, those that were telling him to keep quiet suddenly became courteous, saying; *”Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee”*

And when he came to Jesus, he was asked what he wanted. Though he acted irrationally, that didn’t mean he did not know what he wanted. Calmly he replied; *”Lord, that I might receive my sight”*.

It is not about pulling some irrational stunts here and there; there is need to also understand the importance of timing. When that opportunity you are seeking for shows up, be irrational enough to fight for it.

No matter what reproach you have been known for, just hang on a little, don’t lose focus, you will come out victorious!

Have a great day ahead!


IDEDE Oseyande

Thought Tutor

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