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In ancient times, there was a Captain in charge of the whole army of the Syrians, and he was a great man; but he was leprous. One day, his maid told his wife that there was a God in another land that could heal the Captain of his leprosy. The Captain then left Syria with the King’s order to the land of Israel, where the servant girl had told him about. On arrival in Israel, he presented his King’s order to the King of Israel. The order stated that the King of Israel should ensure that the Captain returned to Syria cleansed from his leprosy.

This happened at the time Israel was paying tribute to the Syrians. The King of Israel was therefore scared and seriously troubled. How can the Syrian King ask him to heal a leprous man, when he is neither a physician nor a god. The news however got to a prophet in Israel, whose name was Elisha. He then sent for the Captain of the Syrian army to come and see him. When the Captain got to the prophet’s residence together with his entourage, the prophet sent his servant to tell the Captain to go wash himself seven times in river Jordan, and that he would be made whole.

IDEDE Oseyande

The Captain was livid! How dare he ask him to come see him and would not even give him the courtesy of coming out to see him? He did not even come out to lay hands on the leprous skin and pray; instead he just told him to go wash in river Jordan? If it was a river bath he needed, are rivers Abana and Pharpar in Damascus not better than all the waters of Israel? In his anger, he turned his chariot to head back to Syria. He had to leave the place before he angrily treats the irrationality of this so called prophet of Israel.

As he was on his way back, his servants prevailed on him with serious persuasions to just obey the simple instructions given by the prophet, and see what would happen. He finally obeyed, dipped himself seven times in river Jordan, and he was made whole!

Many people are like this Captain today. When they bring seemingly complex problems to the coach, and he prescribes simple solution, they get angry. They go about discrediting the ability of the coach or counselor. What they fail to understand is that the complexity of the problem is only so to them, the one who has the solution doesn’t see it as complex.

Are you still grappling with that problem because you don’t believe in simple recommendations as the solution?

Take those little steps and experience the multiplier effect….

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