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IDEDE Oseyande


“Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great? Jimmy Johnson

The author of the book ‘The Christmas Box’, had difficulties in promoting the book. This is not strange, as every author passes through this phase; especially with the first book. This was the case of Richard. P. Evans. To promote his book, he attended an event organized by American Booksellers’ Association. It was like a conference, with book signing as part of the activities. Mr. Richard, an unknown author at the time, was trying to get people to even consider taking a look at his book. No one at the conference noticed someone like him was there. The attendees were all trooping to the booths of celebrity authors.

To help you picture it better, imagine the likes of Late Chinua Achebe, Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Adichie, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo  at a book signing at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, and I am at the same event with my book *(What is Left of What is Right?)*, trying to get people’s attention. Your guess is as good as mine. Obviously, I will be lost in such a place (for now). That was the case of Richard. P. Evans until he took the irrational step to greatness. What did he do?

While he was there, he discovered that the signing session was in batches. That is, after a while, they would change the names of the authors in the booths for others to take over. As they changed the names, Richard discovered that a particular author did not show up. So he took some copies of his books and walked into the booth meant for the author that was absent. He had barely sat down, when an usher walked up to him, intending to query him for taking someone else’s position. As she opened her mouth to speak, Richard quickly told her he was sorry for coming late. The lady was awe struck. She gathered her breath and asked; “can I get you something to drink sir?”

This singular act was the missing puzzle on his way to greatness! He then had the privilege of having people look at his work, thinking he was an established Author.

The next year, he was in that conference again, but on a different level. His book, which had been relatively unknown the year before, was now topping the list of New York Times Bestseller! He attended the conference this time as a celebrity author

Are you still thinking of the embarrassment you might have to face if your ideas went wrong?

Are you still trying to play safe, substituting fearfulness with carefulness?

Break that jinx with the needed touch of irrationality!

Enjoy your Friday!

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