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“Stop waiting and start walking. If you let it, hesitation can become a new limitation”~ Alex Osagie

A fool at forty, psychologist say, is a fool forever. This is because, one is expected to have gotten enough experiences from cradle to the time he clocks forty; to be able to take rational and logical decisions. If at forty, he is still very ignorant of life’s basic survival lessons, then he is declared an unrepentant fool. That sounds quite harsh right? But I didn’t say it,🙊🙊 psychologist did.

But do you know that the man, on whose shoulders the foundation of Jewish history was laid, took a very irrational decision at the age of seventy five (75)? Yes, you read it correctly. Seventy and five years old! At such age, if not because his wife was barren, he would have been a grandfather, or close to being one. Yet it was at that age that he said he heard a call from a supreme being, telling him to leave his father’s house and nationality, and go to where will be shown to him. If he was a Bini man, they would have called elders from his family, and taken him to Ikpoba River to wash the madness off his head. Or they would have called a strong witch doctor to help cast the spell of “eziza” (spirit of the whirlwind), that might want to take him away from his family to an unknown destination.

Fortunately for him, he was a Jew. And that was how he took his wife, his nephew, and all that he had, and left his father’s house and his kindred. He left the known for the unknown. He left certainty for uncertainty. He left rationality for irrationality.

“……and he went out, not knowing whither he went”

In his journey, it got to and point that he had to part with his nephew. So he asked the young man to choose which direction he wants to settle for. The man raised his face towards the plain, and in his rational mind, the green grass terrain was just perfect for him. This was a very rational decision, as a herdsman with much cattle.

After twenty five years of following this voice that he heard, he had a son. Courtesy of the Supreme being that called him. But while the baby was gradually growing to become a boy, he heard the voice again, commanding him to sacrifice this son. If you feel it was normal leaving his family for a destination unknown, I am not sure you have any justification for him, obeying the command to kill his son. But this old man, who was about a hundred and twelve years old as at this time, really went about carrying the order to kill his son. *Can someone be this irrational?

Well, his God actually told him that it was only a test. And so the boy was not killed. But do you know that his *rational nephew* that left him to a place that was well watered finally left that place with only his two daughters? His wife and all that he had were consumed in the fire when God’s judgement came on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Meanwhile, the irrational old man today is the father of Jewish history. In Christianity, they call him *the Father of Faith*. (That’s the Christian version of being irrational 😄😆😁)

Are you rational like Lot? Or you want to be irrational like Abraham?

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