IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande


“First you jump off the cliff and you build wings on the way down” ~ Ray Bradbury

In 2010, a young graduate from Delta State University, Chemistry Department, was recommended to a company, by one of his lecturers. The said company was into environmental cleaning and other related matters. Their clients were mainly oil producing and servicing companies. So after the completion of the compulsory National Service in 2011, he resumed work. Before resumption, his friends were happy for him. After all, it is the prayer of over ninety percent (90%) Nigerian undergraduates, to get good jobs immediately after graduation. The joy of his friends and family was therefore understandable.

It however turned out that the ‘bigness’ of the company did not reflect in the pay. Who would have believed that a company that uses chopper to take workers to creeks for collection of samples; a company that has ultra-modern laboratory equipment and machines beyond what most federal government universities could afford, was paying a graduate a total take-home of about thirty thousand naira? With no accommodation nor transportation allowances. To make matters worse, the company is located in a state where the cost of living is relatively on the high side; especially accommodation and feeding.

At first, he thought it was because he was a new staff. Perhaps, his boss wanted to adjudge his expertise. Only for him to find out that a colleague that was there about two years before him was suffering same fate. It was a very ridiculous situation. At that point in time, it was absolutely rational to take a walk irrespective of the outcome; being unemployed was better than being a slave! This young man however stayed put. Irrational!, right?🤔

After about two years with the company, the ‘head slave’ felt it was enough. After all, they know the worth of the services they render to the company. They could not take it anymore. This time, a third person had been employed to join them. They then went to their Boss to demand for a raise. Boss got angry and fired the ‘Head slave’ and the third employee, leaving only this young man. He however, tendered his own resignation letter, as a show of loyalty to the unanimous agreement with his colleagues, in asking for a raise in their take-home.

The three of them then set up a small company, rendering the same services as their former Boss. Within a year, this young man swapped jobs between Lagos and Port Harcourt, with pay four times more than what he was receiving before.

By October this year (2018), he would be leaving his current employer to fully join his colleagues cum partners, in running their own company.

While he stayed with his former employer, receiving an irrational pay, he further equipped himself for greatness.

Are you still holding on to the cliff? Be irrational and jump! Your innate wings will be activated in the process, and you will begin to fly…..

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