IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande


“How hardly shall they that be rational enter into the kingdom of greatness”

A certain ruler heard of the kingdom of God, and he was curious to know how to get there in. So he went in search of the requirements. In his search, he met different teachers who taught him various things he ought to do. One taught him to love his neighbours as himself, and also to love God his creator. Another taught him to abstain from fornication and adultery. From another he learnt not to steal, bear false witness, and to honour his parents.

With all these knowledge and his observance of all the laws he has been taught, he still lacked the inner conviction that he has what it takes to inherit the kingdom of God. So he kept looking for what is left. He then heard of a great teacher that was teaching many how to be qualified in other to inherit the kingdom of God. So he went in search of this teacher. When he found him, he asked; “Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?”

And the master repeated all what his previous teachers had taught him. With so much confidence, he replied the Master; *”all these things have I kept from my youth up till now.”*

The Master then replied; “Yeah, but you lack one thing: *sell all that you have, and distribute it to the poor, and you shall have treasures in heaven: and come and follow me”*.

The man refused to be irrational, and so he walked away from eternal life. “How can you say I should sell all what I have been toiling for and give it to the poor because of eternal life? Who does that? That is the height of irrationality”, so he thought.

That’s how many people live their lives unknowingly. They go about looking for that breakthrough opportunity; that idea that will turn everything for good in their lives. They have a “rational picture” of how it should happen; not knowing that has been their limitation all along.

If opportunities come in a very common and “rational” way, do you think it will still be available for you? Others would have grabbed it before you even blink.


The few that we celebrate their greatness took those irrational decisions to get there. We rationalize it to be the right decision because it ended well.

What’s that decision that you are scared of taking because it looks irrational? Take that dive and enjoy the drive to greatness!

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