IDEDE Oseyande


“He that fails to plan is planning to fail: And so they end up spending all their lives planning not to fail; not knowing that they are already living a failed life!”

Do I still need to remind you of Zachaeus; who was so irrational as to climb a tree in order to see Jesus? Yet, while other taller men could not have the privilege of hosting Jesus, the Lord gave him an unsolicited right, to host him and his disciples.

Or have you not heard of Emeka Nobis? Of how he was so irrational to have left his job with Saipen as a Mechanical Engineer, to pursue his writing and coaching dream as an Entrepreneurial Writer.

Or perhaps you haven’t met Mute Efe, the irrational Electrical Engineer? The man who left an international engineering company, with all the foreign trainings and exposures it brought his way; to pursue his coaching career as a Social Entrepreneur?

IDEDE Oseyande

What about the Business, Behavioural and Mental Therapist, Samuel Babatunde Obafemi, of Sobca? Take out time and Google this one out. If you need one word to describe *”someone that loves taking the road less traveled”*, then Coach Sam is a perfect description.

These and many more out there, are breaking barriers everyday with one irrational step or the other. If I were to name those outside Nigeria, I could go on and on for the rest of the days in the year and not stop. But I chose these ones because some ‘rational minds’ will say “it is easier outside Nigeria, as situations there can’t be compared with what we have here”. For such persons, I have had to list people from within the country, who are building their influence from the ashes of austerity, like every other Nigerian.

The first quarter of this year will end in few days, and some persons are already breaking records from all fronts. The producer of *Black Panther*, is waiting patiently for the various awards his movie will win this year. Not to mention the billions of dollars it has raked in his account already. While those ones are already moving on to the next project, you are still there rationalizing whether to execute that idea or not; whether fuel pump price will still be increased or not; whether government will come up with one destructive policy or not.

My Dear, if you want excuses that will be really rational, and justifiable to back up your docile and immobilized attitude?; you will get millions of such excuses. But the good news is that, you should also be contented with the mediocrity, and low life that comes with it. Be there planning not to fail, while those that embraced failure as an alternative route to success will be creating jobs for you to come beg for employment.

You want to be among the top league players? Come on board, as the *irrational train of successful people* is just about to leave the station.

Let’s go conquer Kingdoms!

It is our time!


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