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“No Venture, No Success; No Event, No History”

*I know of a man called- Mr Meticulous*
*Every venture to him is ridiculous*
*An award winning- Mr. Careful*
*If only he knew it meant; Mr. Fearful*

I have come to the conclusion that most often than not, people tend to hide their fears with the facade of being rational, meticulous, careful, or a realist. Behind that veil, they are timid, fearful, and scared of failure. Give them a confirmation that what they are speaking against will come out great, they will change their positions immediately. But with the uncertainty hovering around the idea, they will placate their fearful conscience by running rational analysis on why the idea cannot work.

In Nigeria today, especially the ‘enlightened elites’, they keep rationalizing why it is an effort in futility to get a PVC. They give a detailed analysis of how the whole electioneering process is already doctored to favour whosoever the “gods shall anoint”. They will then take a step further to rationalise how it is a waste of time for young Nigerians, and even older Nigerians without the financial war chest, to run for election. Within seconds, they will raise over a hundred “how can you do this without money?” Points; also stating a rational hurdle the aspirant cannot overcome. Nay sayers well packaged as realist and rational thinkers are everywhere!

IDEDE Oseyande

When the Nation returned to democracy in 1999, many comfortable and enlightened Nigerians that would have been able to secure cheap electoral victory did not participate. Though I was not up to the voting age as at that time, I could recall how they kept pointing to the houses of men and women in our neighbourhood that were financially grounded, for going into politics in the 2nd and 3rd Republic. They kept repeating the narrative to scare potential aspirants away. And before we knew what was happening, rich Nigerians outside the shores of this country that knew nothing about the pains of the people, were contacted to come take the risk, and contest. While some business men sponsored locals, others took the risk themselves. The rest they say, is history.

In the same vein, some rational minds too, told us that Nigeria will never be better, and that imposition can never be defeated. But we are all alive to witness how tribunal finally came to stay. From Rotimi Amaechi, to Adams Oshiomhole, to Olusegun Mimiko, and several legislative elections that were reversed by the tribunal. If these men and women had not been bold enough to step out against the “commonsensical” counsels, and general beliefs, would we have had the chance to experiment the possibility of having the tribunal reverse election results?

In your individual life, have you been too rational to succeed?
As a people, are you among those holding us back?🤔🤔

Go join a political party, or at least, get a PVC!

I have joined one!

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