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“When you cannot comprehend someone’s vision, the best you can do is keep your views to yourself, and watch as things unfold”

In ancient times, when Israel was still governed by theocracy and monarchy, there arose a great famine in the land. This was in fulfilment of the prophecy of Elisha; as a punishment for the idolatrous nature of the Israelites at that time. While the famine was biting hard, the Syrians besieged the city of Samaria. This made it impossible for the Israelites to buy food from other nations. Don’t forget that Samaria was the capital of northern Israel at that time. The resultant effect was serious scarcity of food. From the palace to the prisons, everyone was starving!

At the peak of the famine, an Ass’s head was sold for four score (80) pieces of silver. And the fourth part of the cab of a Dove’s dung for five (5) pieces of silver. To make you understand better, it means, they could trade an Ass’s head for four human beings.

You might be wondering how I arrived at that conversion?🤷🏾‍♂ Well, I am sure you recall that Joseph was sold by his brothers for twenty (20) pieces of silver, and Judas betrayed Jesus Christ for thirty (30) pieces of silver. If they could sell someone for that amount that tells you that it was not something cheap. Now imagine paying for just the bony head of an Ass for eighty pieces of silver!  That’s the price of four Josephs!. Well, those that could not afford it became cannibals, feeding on their own children. It was hell for them in Samaria.

It was in the midst of such hopelessness, and hardship, that prophet Elisha went back to the King and prophesied thus: *”this time tomorrow, a measure of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria”*. He had barely finished talking, when one of the King’s aides replied him thus; *”if the Lord will open the windows of heaven, can this thing be?”* And the prophet told him he would see it with his eyes, but he would not eat from it.

A good number of us would have doubted like the King’s aide. We would have started a hot debate, rationalizing how impossible it is. Some might even go as far as presenting data and statistics, to defend their position. It baffles me when I see people spend so much energy defending a pessimistic point of view.

Well, the prophecy was fulfilled the next day. Fine flour and barley were so much in abundance, through a miraculous conquest of the Syrians laying siege on Samaria. And the aide to the King was crushed in the rush, at the gate of Samaria. He saw the prophecy fulfilled, but never partook from the blessedness.

Well, we are in the era of grace. So I am not praying for all those ‘nah sayers’ and pessimists to die. *I want them to enjoy the new, better, and renewed Nigeria we are running for*. We shall all witness the rebirth of this nation.

A nation where things work!

It’s a Possibility Tuesday from the nation’s capital!

Celebrate in advance with your neighbour, as we look forward to living in Nigeria of our dreams!

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