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“A carnal mind cannot understand the things of the spirit; just as a rational mind cannot comprehend the intricacies of irrationality”

A long time ago in the land of Judah, at a time when the Jews were under the Roman Emperor, a great teacher was born. His teachings were so hard and incomprehensible by rational minds. At a point, he had to admonish them to take his teachings like little children would, else they wouldn’t ever be able to comprehend it. Many of them who heard him, never understood how applicable the admonition would be.

A renowned Professor among those that heard him, who also had been teaching for a long time decided to ask him some questions. Perhaps, that would help in understanding the teachings of this great teacher. But again, how can such a respected Prof. be seen as a student under this young “up coming” teacher? To avoid the humiliation, he chose to go when the moon had spread her blanket over the sun. That time of the day when there would be no light to form a shadow. And so, he sneaked into the abode of the teacher.

When he got there, he acknowledged the greatness of the teacher in his salutations. While he was still eulogizing the teacher, he was cut short with these words: “verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”.
One would have thought that a respected Professor of his calibre, would at least know the basic requirement for entering the kingdom of God. Alas, he was as ignorant as the gentiles; if not even more . In his ignorance he asked; “can a man after he is born, go again into his mother’s womb and be born again?”

Most times we allow ourselves to be misled by people with titles. You are cooking up an idea, and someone keeps telling you to go meet so and so, because he is older, more experienced, more enlightened, more this, more that. While it is necessary to seek counsel, after all the Bible admonishes that “Safety lies in the multitude of counsels”; you must also realize that this enlightened person might be ignorant of the new idea you are working on.

Just as Nicodemus with all his experiences, did not know that one has to be born in spirit to be qualified to see the kingdom of God, the same way there are many “Nicodemuses” out there today. They are monitoring your progress from afar. They are trying to get a grasp of the new technology you are promoting. They are trying to understand the workability of the new leadership tools and ideas you are preaching about. They are experienced, no doubt, but their experiences are in line with the old order. They have led us to the path we are today, where we need a messiah to save us. If the likes of Nicodemus had not failed in their mission as a theological teacher, we would not have needed Christ to come to the world.

What’s that idea you’ve been nursing and those with experience have been telling you why and how it will never work?

Go ahead and do it!

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