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“Once someone else is profiting from an idea before you decide to make a fortune with same idea, you are already late”~ Strive Masiyiwa

Tebeke was a record breaking sales representative of a company that is into Herbal Products. He was introduced to the company by his secondary school friend. This friend of his, was using the job to give his single mother financial support. Tebeke, though with both parents still alive, was not different from those that have single parent. He was from an extremely poor home. So when his friend told him about the marketing job, he was immediately interested in it. All efforts made by his friend to explain the tedious nature of the work to him, was abortive. That Saturday night he could not sleep. He kept dreaming of how he will sell the product all through the town and make enough money for himself, and also for the company.

IDEDE Oseyande

The next day, being Sunday, though the company won’t be opening, restless Tebeke couldn’t hold himself. He trekked to the address of the company his friend had described for him, to see the place for himself. Being a work free day, he met only the security men at the gate. He then told them that he will be coming to work there the next day, and would like to know what it is like, working in such a place. The security man then asked which position he was coming for? After telling them he was coming to be one of the company marketers, they hissed in unison. *”Space dey always dey”*, one of them told him. *”So na marketing job wen you go soon run leave before month end, dey make you smile like this?”* Another security man asked.

Still, none of their demoralizing words got at him. In fact, when he heard that there is a growth  pyramid for marketers, making it possible to become a marketing manager if he can meet the requirements; he was filled with ecstasy, as he walked back home.

To cut the long story short, Tebeke took the job. His first two weeks were frustrating, as he had to learn the ropes from his friend. It was after then, that he took the irrational step to greatness.

He will get to where people are many, even if they are widely spaced; and with a loud shout while falling to the ground, as if under serious pains. This will attract attention from onlookers, and sympathizers. With their gaze on him, he will start standing up little by little in such a way, that helps in feigning a particular ailment his herbal products cures, or prevents. Then he will start advertising his products, and what it does.

He was so good in changing the tactics at different locations. This soon gave him different nicknames. Prominent among them all is; *”the crazy salesman”*.

Not quite long, he was being accused by his colleagues that he is using voodoo in pushing sales. He met all the requirements, broke all the available records, and worked his way to greatness. He is a regional sales manager today, in charge of marketing and advertising.

He started with just an OND certificate, but he chose to go against the norm. He broke sales records with his irrational attitude, and he is living the life of his dream.

My Friday shout out to the irrational successful people out there!!!!🍾🍾🥂🥂

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