IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande


“Very I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as little children, he shall not enter there in”~ Mark 10: 15

In the year 1990, before I was enrolled into primary school in September that year, I was attending a local school that can be liken to playgroup or kindergarten in recent times. Back then we used just wooden slate boards with white chalks, while our teacher used coloured chalks to mark our work. It was real fun. We have to walk in group along with the teacher that goes from house to house, to pick us in the morning, and also return us at the close of the day.

One morning while I was getting ready for school, my maternal aunt that came to visit us, was set to return to Lagos where she is based. My siblings were getting ready for school too. Suddenly, like the trumpet announcing Christ second coming, my aunt asked; *”who go follow me go Lagos?”* Without thinking about anything, I shouted in my childhood ignorance; *”me! Me! Me!”* None of my other siblings replied. Now her response was more shocking than her request, as we were all surprised when she asked that I bring my clothes.

I can still recall my immediate elder sister teasing me that she was only joking with us, and that she did not mean to take anyone along with her. Without listening to the unsolicited counsel from my sis, I pointed to my ‘basin of clothes’, and pleaded for it to be brought down.

While this whole drama was going on, my *”garri school teacher”* finally came, with some pupils she had already carried. I happily went out to announce to her that I am going to Lagos with my aunt, and won’t be going to school. She didn’t believe me, so she came inside to confirm what I just told her.

And that was how I was seated on the succulent legs of my aunt, in a high roofed ‘J5’ Iyare line, from Benin to Lagos. My first trip to Lagos that I could recall.

This story always make us laugh each time we talk about it, even as we have grown to become adults.

The question I kept asking is this; “why didn’t they respond?” “Was it because they never wanted to go?”

The answer is simple. They were *too rational* to believe that such a question can be for real. Like seriously, who does that? Who takes a child during academic period for a trip when they are not on vacation? So my siblings were right to have presumed that big aunt wasn’t serious with the question. However, their presumption was wrong at that point in time.

“Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not pursue his dream as a little child with so much optimism, he shall not enter the kingdom of greatness”.

Our failure in life at times, is by our own undoing. We rationalize the issue from front, back, and centre, and by the time we are done cancelling all the risk, and irrationality involved, the greatness in the act is gone.

Are you too rational to succeed?

Have a great day ahead!

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