The Blindfold of Sentiment 5 – IDEDE Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande

The Blindfold of Sentiment 5 – IDEDE Oseyande

“In any situation you find yourself, protect yourself first!”

Most times, when dealing with religious folks, they tend to arm twist you with the words from the Holy script; *”love thy neighbour as thyself”*. What they often fail to realize is that the words in that sentence were perfectly used. It simply means you have to love yourself, save yourself, protect yourself, so you can do same for your neighbours. The logic is simple, if you don’t love yourself, if you cannot save yourself, if you cannot defend yourself, how then can you defend, love, and save others?

Two months ago, I was to stand as a guarantor for a young man that benefited from an entrepreneurial grant. The date of the collection of the cheque coincided with an official trip of mine, so I had to place a call to the organizers of the entrepreneurial scheme, via the project manager, to inform him of my inability to be present. As a friend to the foundation and the project manager, I pleaded that the person I was to stand for, be treated as if I had signed the necessary documents, so he could collect his cheque; and that on my return, I would sign the necessary documents. The Project Manager agreed, and the young man went for the event without his guarantor (me). Unfortunately, he was denied access to the cheque, on the ground that his guarantor had not signed.

When he told me, I was not happy, as I thought I had an agreement with the organizers. I placed another call to the Project Manager and he insisted I had to sign before the cheque could be released. A week later, I had to travel down to sign, and then pick up the cheque.

Now, I can go ahead to rant and complain about how little our friendship means to him. I can resent him, call him names, or even decide to quit the friendship; but the truth is, he has saved himself.

On the flip side, I might have been ‘too busy’ to travel down to sign the documents if he had given the cheque out earlier. And then he would have been the one getting angry, and even stand a chance of being queried by his employer for treating official matters, unofficially. But then, he had saved himself from being offended, or put at risk.

This is not a call to *’self-centredness’*. Rather,  it is to let you know how to be cautious in dealing with people and rendering help.

Your watchword should be, “If things go wrong, who will be more culpable?” If you will be the worst hit, then have a rethink or be ready to face the consequences before going ahead with the deed.

Don’t be too assuming and gullible in the name of being a nice person.

Wisdom is known of her children…..

Have a great weekend.

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