The Blindfold of Sentiment 4 – IDEDE Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande

The Blindfold of Sentiment 4 – IDEDE Oseyande

“Na who know man dey kill man”~ Local Proverb

I got to work one Monday morning, and met a colleague of mine wearing a gloomy look. I asked what the problem was and listened patiently to her story. She lamented how she had lent out money to another of our colleague, with the agreement that he would pay back in two installments. The first installment was to be twenty thousand Naira, and the second, fifty one thousand after he would have collected his contributions from the cooperative/”osusu” purse. On the day he was supposed to pay the first installment, he brought the sum of ten thousand Naira, which was only half the amount agreed on. In anger, she rejected it and walked away.

I told her she should not have rejected the ten thousand naira, as the guy is an habitual debtor. She was not convinced of my position. So I told her to watch and see if the guy in question would report the issue to me.

Now, it is a common practice at work to ask me mediate in issues/misunderstandings among fellow staff.

So, I told her the guy wouldn’t come to me because he is not sorry for what he has done. In fact, I suspected everything was going as he planned. Reluctantly, she agreed we should wait and see if the guy would bring the issue to me. Well, a week came and passed, not a word from the guy. He acted as if everything was fine.

I then decided to talk to the other members of staff that he said were in the contribution society with him. I was made to understand that the cooperative had ended, and the debtor was the first person to collect his lump sum. In essence, before he went to clandestinely borrow money from this lady, he had already collected the said contribution he used as surety. The news hit my friend real hard.  I was very sure the guy had manipulated by her. To make matters worse, my suspicion that the guy had plans to leave the company was confirmed when after collecting his salary for that month, he went AWOL The debt remains uncleared till date.

How did it all start?

After this young man was employed to the company, he found out that the lady was his tribe’s person. He then began to communicate with her in their dialect. They soon started describing themselves as “my brother”, “my sister”. Before long, he was getting special favours from the lady, as she is a management staff of the company. With this connection, he could whisper his “problems” to her, and plead for help. The lady on the other hand would discreetly help a “brother”, without letting others know about it. She does not have to wash her brother’s dirty linens outside, so she thought.

Anytime you hear people say this words regretfully, “Na who know man dey kill man”, just know that the person is a victim of emotional sentiments.

Never allow sentiments make you fail to take caution. Learn to defend yourself. When someone tries to make you feel guilty for not cutting corners to favour them, don’t allow such manipulation get to you.

Be wise! Be vigilant! Be safe!

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