The Blindfold of Sentiment 2 – IDEDE Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande

The Blindfold of Sentiment 2 – IDEDE Oseyande


“The Devil can be just, though not all the time; but our sentiment towards him won’t let us see it”

I was never a fan of Buhari prior to the 2015 general elections. The calibre of supporters and sponsors in his rank and file, their hypocrisy and self deceit, often makes me puke. After he emerged as the winner of the Presidential elections, I sincerely hoped he kept his electoral promises. If not for anything, for my future, and that of my unborn children. Though my hope that he succeeds doesn’t mean he had automatically earned my trust, I was howbeit, open minded, and gave him some benefits of doubt. With time, the actions of his administration deepened my resentment for the government under his leadership.

With such mindset, I hardly consider any of his policies in good light; as they have continuously justified my distrust. One day, a vocal pro- APC, and a staunch supporter of President Buhari shared a policy of the Federal government online. The said policy was bordering on finance and the economy. Without a second thought I deleted the vein diagram that was added to the post to buttress the points the writer was trying to make.

Two days later, a friend too that has a track record of being nonpartisan, and anti-social media, posted something similar, but sharing a variant view as compared to the earlier post from the political party supporter. The latter was more lengthy, but I read it thoroughly. While I was at it, the similarity with what the other party man earlier posted made me have a rethink on how sentiment blindfolds us.

I thought of how we often pass judgement due to our sentimental perception of someone, or an institution. We tend to believe the Devil is deliberately evil, and can never be just. Even when he ‘justly’ disciplines us for breaking God’s law, we still cry foul, and call it wickedness! Is that not why those that are being chastised by the devil, for stealing our collective wealth are crying that they are being witch hunted? Instead of them to restore what they have stolen, and seek cleansing in a monastery (Kuje or any federal prison), they are busy disturbing our news space with their false cry and lamentations.

Before you take a stand, and hold on to it like your life depends on it, ask yourself, “am I being rational or I’m being blinded by sentiments?”

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