Kwasi James


Everything in life stands or falls to attitude. Keith Harrell noted“Attitude is everything”. Attitude, not money, status, fame or connection determines how far one goes in life. Attitude is the mother of character. It is a “mind business” in other words, your mind-status towards life. It could be positive or negative.

Kwasi James
Kwasi James

Attitude is the mannerordispositionorfeelingorpositionorbetterstillyourstandpointtowardsa person or thing. It could also mean tendency or orientationof the mind.

In my own words, attitude is the positioning of the mind towards a person, thing or situation. It is your act of thought about someone or something (Prov 23:7, Prov 27:19).

You will agree with me that despite the evil and wickedness that has plunged the earth from the very beginning, the “mother earth” has experienced much transformation through all the ages. These dramatic changes were made possible by men and women of excellent attitude. The likes of Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Mary Slessor, the legendary Nelson Mandela and a host of others would not be forgotten by the world.

Ant Fact

The ant is one of the many tiny creatures of the Creator. By appearance it look weak and insignificant hence, the popular saying: “work like elephant, eat likeant”

As little as the ant is, it possesses special qualities distinguishing it from other creatures evenKing Solomon while addressing the issue of diligence made reference to the anthesaid:

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be

wise! 7 It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, 8 yet

it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at

harvest (Prov 6:6-8).

Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up

their food in the summer(Prov 30:25).

Ants are found in almost every part of the earth except Antarctica and a few remote or inhospitable islands. Their success in so many ways is attributed totheir social organization, and their ability to modify habitat, tap resources and defend themselves.



  1. Planning the Future – Prov 6:8, Prov29:18: you can’t plan the future you did not see and you can’t see the future you never planned for.
  2. Diligence –Prov 22:29, Rom 12:11, Ecc9:10 :if you’ve ever seen the ant on duty, you will agree it never gets tired.
  3. Identification of Opportunities – Eph5:16, Prov10:5
  4. Sociable – John 15:13, Prov17:17, Prov 27:17: ants are social insects. They live in large colonies or groups. They rarely walk alone.
  5. Unselfishness – Philip 2:3-4, Prov 3:27-28: always sharing and caring. You will never see an ant trying to carry a potential food all by itself. When an ant finds food, it lays down a scent (pheromen) trail for others to follow.
  6. Igore Limitation – Philip 4:13, Job 23:10.
  7. Adaption to Environment
  8. Getting Resources.
  9. Always working enthusiastically (heartily).

10.Ever joyful



Kwasi James