Prerequisite to Wealth Creation 9 – IDEDE Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande

“I can only help you with knowledge, I can’t take action for you”

There is an African saying that “you can’t be preparing herbs for a sick person without first asking the person if he is willing to take them”.
For two weeks now, I have been talking about wealth creation. Nigeria is tough and sincerely, it is tougher for those relying solely on a single source of income, monthly salary! However, I can’t help you if you are not ready to take action.

Poverty is persistent in Africa because of our mindset. It is this mindset that makes us take wealth creation like we take political leadership matters. We complain about our political leaders, but when credible alternatives come up, we complain again that we are not familiar with these alternatives. We stay put with the salary increment and minimum wage struggles and cry when inflation, the resultant effect of the increment, follows.

‘Banks are thieves, cooperatives are deceptive, entrepreneurs are out to rip you out’; yet you don’t want to take any action.
Investing yourself out of poverty and into financial freedom is hard, but staying poor and living from one paycheck to another is also hard. Choose your hard!

Mr Oseyande comes back from a long vacation and apologises to his family for missing out on a family function, while Mr Fearful misses out on a family function because he had to work overtime as his Boss is on a long vacation. Both of them were absent, but if you were to choose a role in the analogy above, I know your choice!

The future they say, starts today!

I can only help you with knowledge, professional motivation and guidance, but I repeat, I won’t take action for you!

Being an investor is risky, but being an employee in a place of work, with the fear of being fired anytime is risky too. Choose your risk!

Do you want to know how to be financially free this year? Ask me!

Enough said!

NB: Who you vote for has a way of affecting your investments, so please vote wisely! Don’t sit on the fence, come out and vote in the general elections next week!

IDEDE Oseyande
Thought Tutor