Photography Is My Passion  – Sola Balogun


Photography Is My Passion  – Sola Balogun

In a chat with Sola Balogun aka Sola Creative, he took us through his sojourn and what brought him into the photography industry. Sola Balogun is the Chief Executive Officer of Sola Creative. He s a very simple man with a determined mind to achieve his goal in photography.

“Photography is my line, that is why am still in photography after several years. I enjoy what I’m doing and I will remain in photography till death,” he said in an interview.

The Beginning: 

Sola Balogun is a creative Photographer of our time, he has paid his dues and has sacrificed a lot to be where he is in the photography industry today.  Sola Balogun, who was initiated into the photography industry by his teacher when he was in school, told us how he loved photography and enrolled as an apprentice in the era of Dark Age, where photography is not just press and shoot camera, you have to learn the nitty-gritty of how to develop pictures in the dark room and all what not.

Building his Career:

He faced another challenge, when he graduated as an apprentice and there was no means to commence the business he has learnt, he took it upon himself to move round with his camera and market what he believes and sometimes when he takes pictures or passport, he will have to run away from the street because he cannot print the picture until he exhausts the roll of 24 or 36 as the case was at the time before this era of friendly photography. He also partook in the errand photography popularly dubbed as “papapa” in the industry. 


He narrated the terrible ordeals being faced by people who engaged in it.

“Sometimes, when you return to events the people, whose pictures you took would have left and the loss becomes that of the photographer because he hasn’t been paid,” he said. 

He also stated that sometimes, some people will reject the pictures on the premise that you didn’t seek their consent before you took the picture and it is either they refuse the pictures or pay you less than what you expected. 

His relationship with the movie industry

Sola has a strong link with the movie industry because he evolved with most of the present A-list artistes, when they started their career. It was coincidental that they commence their movie career at the time he commenced his photography career and they evolved together, which formed the reason for his cordial and business relationship with most successful artistes in the movie sector. 

Sola Creative still has a strong link in the sector of the economy because of his creative ability to make people look better.

His challenges 

Sola made us to understand that in the cause of building his career he has had to face many challenges because our society only believe in you when you have arrived and not when you are coming up. Successful people won’t trust your job because they feel you can’t deliver and when there is a need to accept you they won’t pay you well because they see photography as a job for un-serious people.

Some will even make you feel you are less human. in his words, he said he is thankful to God for his grace because for him to get to this pint it was God and it is still God. 

“Photography is my line, that is why am still in photography after several years. I enjoy what I’m doing and I will remain in photography till death,”

His Vision

Sola said he has looked around but he is very unhappy because Photography is not seen as something worthwhile in this part of the world if not, by now photography should have being a course to study in either university or polytechnic, because it is a profession that retain your memory after you have lavished a lot of money at events, without photography there can’t be reference to whatever you may have spent, yet people want good job for nothing or less. 

He is therefore working so hard to build a Photography Academy that will in turn build future photographers and add values to the profession he beliefs. 

He also craved the indulgence of the government in the country to move from the theory and train move to a practical profession that will add more values than giving preference to some professions thereby limiting the creativity of other important professions that will make the people and the country great. 

His relationship with photographers association

In his comment, he said he is a member of American Association but not a member in Nigeria because he is more concerned about what will benefit people and not what he would gain.

He stated that most associations in Nigeria are there to satisfy self-seeking interest and probably oppress anyone, who refuses to go by their selfish rules and he has chosen to do things right in his own way. 

His words of encouragement

he charged younger people, who are interested in photography as a profession to see it as a great career and that they should be bold to defend what they do anywhere at any time.

He also encouraged them to learn the job and understand the basic rules involved in it and keep retraining to get acquainted with the new technology and skills in their career.