Presentation of Certificate



Another success story trail NIFST/NAFDAC as the two organization organized a workshop on Water Quality/Regulatory Standard which successfully took place at the Oshodi Main Auditorium of NAFDAC Oshodi Office in Lagos.

The seminar was facilitated by National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in collaboration with Nigerian Institute of Food Science & Technology (NIFST), the seminar was well attended by members of Association of Water Producers, Lagos State. (ASWAP) and other independent individuals and well as NIFST members and some other regulatory agencies.

Chief Adeoye ASWAP Chairman

The Chairman Mr. Adeoye in his speech eulogize the organizer of the event and appreciate the role NAFDAC has been playing in ensuring that water business is not business as usual. He also stated that he had visited over 1,500 water factory in Lagos since assume the position of ASWAP Chairman to ensure that NAFDAC rules and regulations are strictly adhered to and also to interact with member and make the association worthwhile.






Mr. Wole Toye, the 1st Vice President of Nigerian Institute of Food Science & Technology (NIFST)

Mr. Wole Toye, the 1st Vice President of Nigerian Institute of Food Science & Technology (NIFST) welcome the participant to the seminar and encourage them to do the right thing first to ensure that safety of life and health living is not compromised. he also encourage the captain of the industry to join NIFST and encourage their workers who are food specialist to also join now that the liberty is the available, he noted that very soon to become a member you will have to seat for examination and at that time, it is obvious that it will be more challenging. He welcome the participants and wish them a wonderful deliberation.






Mr. Kenneth Azikwe, Dep Director, Packaged Water Division, NAFDAC

The facilitators also did justice to the topic of the seminar, Mr. Kenneth Azikwe a Deputy Director Packaged Water Division, NAFDAC who lectured on Water Regulatory Standards explains in details what is expected of water producers and what they should guild against to avoid the wrath of the law to catch up with them.

During his presentation, he reminded the producers that government is taking another step in ensuring production to consumer safety procedures and he displayed some video and pictures indicting some producers who do not conform to the regulations and he said NAFDAC as usual will continue on routine visit and any producer found wanting will be severely punished.

He also emphasis on the need to educate the distributors on safety storage of water because of the hazard it possess to consumers when not properly stored and any distributor who do not conform, the producer will be punished for his disobedience.

Dr. Ademola Banjoko, a Water Engineer

in same vein, Dr. Ademola Banjoko, a Water Engineer who did justice to the water composition and how best to handle water when it was intended for business, the type of location and test necessary to carry out before borehole drilling is done and the type of treatment meant for different source of water and precautions expected to be taken.

he educated people at the seminar of importance of wide consultation with professionals instead of cutting cost that will ended up spending more “penny wise; pound foolish”.






Cross section of participants

Question and answer time was more interesting and many questions came up and the two experts were able to provide technical and practical answered which left the participants happy.

the Chairman of ASWAP in his remark after the presentation, eulogize the two facilitators and request that they come to the assistance of the association to ensure that the best water product is delivered to the people.

The organizing committee Chairperson Mrs. Kema Ashibiogwu encourage participants to seek knowledge and promised that NAFDAC and NIFST will continue to be supportive to ensure the right thing is done.