Nehemiah: Portrait of a Selfless Leader 13 – IDEDE Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande

Nehemiah: Portrait of a Selfless Leader 13 – IDEDE Oseyande


“We all have twenty four hours daily to strive for greatness; your success or failure depends on you!”

It is a known fact that success attracts envy and jealousy from others. Be that as it may, there are some persons whose job in life is to oppose success. *They are allergic to success*. They won’t break limits, and they won’t allow those that dare to enjoy the pleasure of their labour. These are the kind of persons that will attack you of being proud, when you recount your success stories. They try to suppress the good legacies of others, out of bitterness.

The book of Nehemiah in the Bible was written by Nehemiah himself. One thing I admired about him, was the documentation of his works by himself. He was not coerced with the illusion of ‘humility’ and then leave his legacies unpublished. No way! He wrote out all his efforts and sacrifices, and even went ahead asking God, to remember him for the good deeds he had done.

Today, haters find every avenue to cover the good legacies of others. If you are involved in something sinister, they will give you unsolicited publicity. They will spread the news to the four corners of the earth; but when you do something good, they won’t want to talk about it. Efforts made by you to talk about it will be resisted with this deceptive quote; *”When you give alms, do it in secret, for your heavenly Father who seeth in secret, shall reward you….”* I have read criticism of those that give alms and share videos on social media. They don’t want the privilege to share videos of how he helped the under privileged within his cycle of influence. But let them see that rich guy living his ostentatious lifestyle, they will start analyzing how much persons would have benefitted from ‘what he is wasting’ ostensibly.

As a leader, if you are leading well, and creating good legacies, ensure you document it, and let people know the effort you are putting in solving the problems of those you’re leading. Don’t allow anyone coerce you to keep shut because God love those that do well in secret.

Recently the movie; *”Black Panther”* has been making wave. And those set of people allergic to success are on full throttle, trying to find loopholes in discrediting the popularity the movie is getting. “The movie is over hyped, we don’t need the white to tell us our stories …etc”. All these are distractions from those suffering from success allergy. Just know that they will always be around you, irrespective of your location. So you must have a tough skin for such people. Never keep quiet because of their types. Keep breaking boundaries, keep winning, above all, don’t forget to write about it.

Don’t allow anyone make you feel ashamed of your good deeds.

Don’t be ashamed of succeeding…


We need super heroes in Nigeria….

We need great leaders urgently…

*We all have twenty four hours daily to strive for greatness….. Will you join the train as we launch the new face of SELFLESS LEADERSHIP?*

“It’s your duty to fight for what you love” ~ *Black Panther*

You love good leadership, let’s go fight for it!

*Dare to be the Nehemiah* this country desire?

The End!


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  1. The bane of the current socio-economic and political challenges in Nigeria today is lack of leaders with vision,courage, integrity and humility. We were blessed with that quality of leadership in the past when you think of the great Zik, Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa and their likes. These were leaders who had clear ideas of what they want to accomplish but we bungled it with nepotism, ethnicity and unprecedented self centered ness.

    All hopes are not lost though. If we want quality leaders, we should start with “the man in the mirror” by being the leader we hope to see from our little corner of responsibility.

    We must embrace exceptional strength of character and courage to see into the future and device workable strategic plans to accomplish our goals. It is doable, and it begins with YOU!

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