My Wife is Promiscuous and Arrogant —Husband


images-2My Wife is Promiscuous and Arrogant —Husband



A man has approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State seeking the dissolution of his six-year-old marriage over allegations of infidelity.

Akintunde Jamilu had approached the court pleading that his marriage be ended, claiming that his wife is promiscuous and arrogant.

“I got married to Fatima traditionally about six years ago. She was humble and peace loving. She suddenly changed when my business started crumbling. I invested in a new shop but I was duped by the estate agent. The shop was locked for a year and by the time it was opened I lost so much money. I depended so much on my wife during this period.

“ Though, she didn’t complain at first but I noticed her attitude towards me changed. She started insulting me and my mother who was staying with us at that time. She would leave our three-year-old twins with my aged mother and go for parties, coming back at odd hours and caring less whether the children are fed or not.

“I started hearing rumours that she was dating one landlord in Ikotun. I made investigations and discovered that it was true. I even had one of the man’s neighbours snapped a picture of them when they were cuddling. I confronted her and she denied it claiming that the man was a customer who supplies her with wood for her business.

“ I want this court to end this marriage because my wife is not ready to change. I even called a family meeting hoping that she would somehow feel remorseful and change. But instead she stormed out of the meeting and insulted my family members. I want custody of my children because I have been the one taking care of them,” he said.

The respondent, however, denied the allegations pleading with the court not to end the marriage as she was still in love with her husband.

“My husband does not understand me at all. My kind of business requires that I stay out late a little because I need to build my contacts. I am not a wicked mother. I make sure that the children are comfortable. His parents and some of his family members are so demanding. They besiege our house asking for all sorts of favours. I am tired of his family’s interference. I am ready to change and abide by his rules,” she said.

President of the court,Adegboyega Omilola adjourned the matter to November 8 for report on possible settlement.

culled from Tribune