My Mum Almost Tore My First Script That Took Me Long Time to Write – Taiwo Oduala

Taiwo Oduala
Taiwo Oduala

My Mum Almost Tore My First Script That Took Me Long Time to Write – Taiwo Oduala

In a chat with Wale Adegbuyi, Taiwo Oduala humbly expressed his challenges in choosing filmmaking as a career, his mother’s total refusal to allow him go into the profession and other challenges that made him what he is today. 

Taiwo is a success in the filmmaking world and he has had a fulfilling career by following his passion. 

He recently completed a job in the United States of America entitled; “Ilu America” featuring notable actors from Nollywood.


Can we know who Taiwo Oduala is?

I am a movie director, an alumni of Colorado Film School, USA,  &  BFI (British Film Institute), ZAFAA Award winner –  a BSC holder in Sociology from the Lagos State University (LASU) and I have directed notable films.

Taiwo Oduala

What led you into filmmaking and what was the reaction of your parents, when they discovered your chosen career?

It’s like a dream come true. My parents never liked it from the beginning, but they eventually allowed me to follow my passion.

Actually, it was like a war at the early stage. My mother almost tore my first script; “The Future Adams” that took me well over a year to write back then.

She said that I was a small boy chasing money too much and having sleepless nights writing, that was in 1996. She threatened that she was going to tear the script that had always been keeping me awake. It was war back then.

Looking back, would you justify your decision and would you encourage your children to go into the industry?

Yes. I will; it’s a dream come true for me. Despite all my studies, I still end up in film making. I now had to study film making at masters level in the United States of America at Colorado Film School.

How many years have you sojourned in the industry and can you take is through some of your professional challenges?

Well, I started in 1991 from secondary school. I was part of Odunowo Theatre Group then. We did several stage performances. Then, we did my first screen TV shooting called. “Grassroots Democracy”.

“If legal and copyright situations are well looked into by the government piracy will reduced to nothing.”

From there, I had to train on the job doing several movies and working with a lot of great people and this continued until 1997.

That was when I decided to make my own first movie after we had just left the movie location of “Sango”, titled: “The Future Adams,” which writing and production plan took well over a year. Then we finally successfully finished the movie in 1998.

Back then, I was called Africa’s youngest film producer-cum-director. From then till now, it’s been a great glory. So, 27 years in the industry, and about 22 years being a great film maker has been a great deal.

Taiwo Oduala on set with Femi Brainnard

As a filmmaker, what do you think we need to do more to make a statement as a film making nation?

We need to keep doing great and quality films with class. Even if it’s low budget, we just have to do something good and meaningful to promote and evaluate Nigeria and Africa as a great nation and a continent.

Now tell us about “Ilu America” the film you recently shot in the USA?

It is a movie concept with a realistic story, An indigenous Emotional Classic African/American story, and a sequel to the most watched award-winning movie; “Ilu Oba” (The Queens Land) featuring “Bayo Bankole” (Boy Alinco), “Doris Simeon”, “Mistura Asunramu”, “Femi Brainard”, “Alayo Boy”, “Titi Seye”, “Seun Tomori”, “Bisi Shotade”, “Yinka Awolowo”, “Bisi Windokun”, “Adekunle Oduala”,  and “Omotayo Kazzim.”

They all dazzled Denver, Colorado USA during the shooting of the block buster movie.

The industry is challenged with regulations, where the industry is not defined and nobody can do anything. As a professional, what do you think can be done to make the industry better?

The industry can be regulated via structures that will guide and rule the process of who and who practice in the industry. Everyone in the industry should be part of a guild or association that will be under an umbrella body. That will checkmate the adherence of the industry rules.

Taiwo Oduala & Doris Smon on set in Ilu America

In your opinion, do you think online television and DSTV have done well for our film industry or not? Tell us the values they have added so far?

Well. I will say yes they have done well. Their effect is somehow positive. It has helped the sales and exhibition marketing, and it’s a good reach to the audience. But a good film with quality will pass through all necessary market value chain, it will be in cinema before Dstv and online.

Tell us the most challenging job you have ever handled as a director and the reason it was considered challenging?

All my jobs are challenging. But I’ll say “Ilu America” is the most challenging because it’s very tasking. Considering funding, artistes, locations, directing and acting at the same time, it was very achallenging.

Piracy is a major setback in the movie industry, what do you think we can do to check this menace and how do we handle it?

Piracy is not easy to eliminate, but it can be eradicated with time. If legal and copyright situations are well looked into by the government piracy will reduced to nothing.

“My mother almost tore my first script; “The Future Adams” that took me well over a year to write back then.”

How many films have you directed/featured in since you joined the industry?

I have done a lot and I have lost count, But the recent ones include, “Ilu America” (Land of America), “Great News” (Hollywood short film), Cascade – (UNICEF Movie), “Father Moses”, “Ilu Oba” -(The Queens Land), “Remarkable Night”, “Eja Nla”, “Tales Of Women”, “Metomi”, “Golden Love”, “Dreaming Of America”, “Love From Germany”, “Shelve”, “End Point”, “Tile”, “Top Range”, “Hit The Street” (Art Director)

Taiwo Oduala

Recently, it is noticeable that our content is no longer what parents wants their wards to watch without supervision, what do we do to change this mindset?

We need to make every film to be of moral standard, which can be general for everybody to view.

What would you like to be remembered for?

A great legacy. Good job.

Kindly advise upcoming and intending actors?

They should be focused and determined and by the grace of God they will make it.

Briefly say something about Movietainment Magazine and what you think we need to do to serve the industry better?

Just keep up doing your best in giving updated news and keep encouraging the industry with your news


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