Wale Adegbuyi
Wale Adegbuyi
Wale Adegbuyi



Mistakes has different names but whichever one is given to it, be it inadequacies, deficiency, limitations, weakness or even failing, the key thing is there can never be an ideal situation. Can there be a perfect situation? Practical No! even scientifically its proven and in business world, “ceteris paribus” when things are to be fixed, meaning “all things being equal” it’s a way of telling the partner that the thing will work as planned only if all things are equal and naturally thing will never be equal. This is enough a lesson for us all to know that, mistakes are part of life, but failure to learn from mistakes is the crime that deserve no forgiveness.


Let’s look at an innocent child, he’s careless about anything, they make natural mistakes without worries, but when corrected you never see them do it again, that is the way life should be from such logic we can actually develop a lot of new thing and make the world go round. Several scientists never got it right at once. Albert Einstein did his research about a thousand and one times but he ended of illuminating the world over, and several other people have over the years learnt from his wealth of knowledge. One of the foremost American presidents Abraham Lincoln, attempted several things in life bit never got it right but he ended up becoming a president.


The Japanese economy was a weak one in the sixties the very moment they learnt from their failures, the system was revolutionalised and ended up being one of the best economies of the world today. So mistake is not a crime it is refusal to learn from mistakes that is deadly. It is unfortunate, that what lead to the woos and backwardness in Africa today is because we don’t believe we made mistakes because we will rather shift blames on economy, parents, boss, siblings, environment, government, the people and some will even say God the creator of the universe, because we failed to realize our mistakes, which all we needed to do is convert the mistakes to success and move on in life, moment we accept that we are wrong then the way to success is already opened.


The country has successfully produced 15 president/head of state, yet no one has ever accepted to have made mistakes that lead the country to a ruin we are wallowing in today, each time they assume office they blame their predecessor for the failure of the system, yet they have not being able to make any meaningful impact and when asked they also give excuse of the system, is the system spiritual, Nigeria is where we are today because we refuse to learn from the past mistakes, if President Ibrahim Babangida, Obasanjo after their 8years of misrule, accepted his mistakes and advise the successor to look into the areas where he considered he made errors, the successor would have learnt and as well caution himself on the path to follow to make the country great. The exaltation of our failed leadership has brought us woos in Nigeria. Let us learn today from our mistakes and move our lives and the nation forward.



Adegbuyi, Adejare Olawale

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