It is unfortunate that most of the agents of government are committing terrorism against the people of Lagos state for reason yet unknown and if this is not curbed, it will eventually degenerated into a state of jungle justice where law enforcement agents will be lynched without any recourse.

The attitude of LASTMA boy attached to the Central Business District in Oshosi and it environ is becoming a menace on Thursday February 25, 2016 morning in Oshodi, the member of Lagos State Motor Traffic Agents in their patrol van was pursuing a truck and while trying to track down the truck they were so rough and nearly caused an accident at the spot which involved my car ad they were careless but all focus was on the truck they intended to track down and their methodology is so mean and does not respect the in alienated right of a road users. No one is saying, road users shouldn’t adhere to the rule of traffic but where there is target on particular vehicle because they are milk cow is very unlawful.

I also feel the government should train their agents in human and public relations because they misbehave once they put on their uniform and belief without them there is no God. The manner and their modus of arresting vehicle often endanger the life of other users, if this is doubted government should have a task force to monitor the actions of his agents and make it a secret service so that their won’t be aiding and abetting in the course of their duty delivery.

The second is like it, the state government should endevour to review the activities of the agents of Apapa-Iganmu Local Government towing vehicle operators, their acts is more criminal than the supposed duty and without reason they harass you even when asking for direction, you are not expected to know the entire Lagos state by street no matter how active and intelligent you may be. Instead of assisting people when they miss their way they consider it as a traffic law and immediately they cross you with their van, they open negotiation and if you are unable to meet up they drive you to their office at “Agbo malu” along Mobil and start to negotiate  from 58,500 naira and if you are a good negotiator they will bring the price to an average of twenty thousand naira with receipt showing 15,500 and other portion is tagged “for the boys” they will even promise you sticker to be pasted on your car to avoid future arrest. one Mr. Onikoyi appears to be in charge.

This act will not help the growth of the state economically but will improve their lives of those who are benefiting from sabotage of the economy of the state using state as a cover up. Please let a quick action be taking and lets these boys be curbed before it degenerated.

The following LASTMA officers (Biliaminu, Alabi E. and Surakat displayed their show of shame of Friday February 26, 2016 with their CBD van at Shogunle area, along Agege Motor Road around 11am, their modus of arresting vehicle endangers another road users and this is already causing a lot of issues in the state. They were not only flaunting the fact that they are in uniform bit also harassing people in the bus, Lagos State Government should endevour to train their agents in human and public relations, because people don’t see the governor or his commissioners they are represented through their agents and members of staff and these will say a lot about how responsible the people paddling the canoe of the state are. The above listed officers should be cautioned, for the fact that they wear uniform does not make them thin gods that has to be feared.


Adegbuyi Adejare

Lagos State