“IRIRI AYE” Location in Osogbo


IMG-20160328-WA045“IRIRI AYE”

“Iriri Aye” is a story about a philanthropist called Ishola Afolabi played by Afolabi Solomon. He gives freely without expectation, this made his people to love him, and he contributed to the development of his village in several ways one of such is building a connecting bridge between his village and the neighbouring village.





IMG-20160328-WA046There is no man that has everything, as much as he is wealthy, he could father a child in his marriage and every effort by the family to make him have another wife was met with a brick wall.






IMG-20160328-WA048Based on his refusal to marry another wife, the entire community felt he was into money ritual using his manhood but after 8years of waiting God blessed his marriage with a baby girl named “Feranmi” but the unfortunate happened two years later when he was involved in a ghastly motor accident and he died in the process, the family came up with all antics that “Iyabo” should be bequeath to Ishola’s younger brother, which she disagree with and as a result of this, the family deprived her of her husband