In the Court of Posterity 6 – IDEDE Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande

In the Court of Posterity 6 – IDEDE Oseyande

“Live your life in such a way that we don’t have to appeal to people not to speak evil of the dead after you’ve gone”

Recently on his Facebook page, a former Minister, and Governorship aspirant from Anambra state, Osita Chidoka, dressed in traditional Ohafia clothes, was paying respect to a man he described as his mentor. According to him, he had worn the traditional attire in remembrance of the man at his 76th posthumous birthday. The comments that followed were mind-boggling.

“Posterity is an incorruptible judge”!

“He might be your mentor, but Ohafia people have nothing good to remember him for”, “that wicked man that impoverished our people”, “let’s just leave him to rest in peace, so it shouldn’t be as if we are speaking evil of the dead. The truth be told that man was evil”

…… on and on went the comments.

Prior to my involvement in Students” Unionism, there is this general belief that anyone aspiring for elective positions was being motivated by the financial gains. So, they see aspirants as potential thieves. I can vividly recollect how I was asked at Abiola hostel, during one of my campaigns, how much I intend to steal when elected into office. The wrong perception was heightened at that time because of the report of an ex- President that carted away some unconfirmed amount from the Union treasury.

“May those that come behind us find us” faithful!”

Today when ex-students of my university meet in social gathering, or on social media, and discussion tend to deviate to campus politics, we keep hearing “let’s not talk about the past”. “They might have changed now”, etc. But can we actually erase the past just like that?

Last week I shared the political campaign page of an ex-President of FUTASUG, Revoo 2019. Most of the responses I got were from people who questioned my belief in his candidacy.  My response was; *”his antecedents makes it difficult for me to doubt him*. He has exhibited a consistent character from his undergraduate days till now”.

I don’t want to go on eulogizing his person, as this is not a politically motivated post. However,  I will like to end today’s episode with these words:

“May those that come behind us find us faithful!”

Posterity is an incorruptible judge!

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