I Love Delicious Meals –  Mide Asake

Maria Iyaomolore
Maria Iyaomolore

I Love Delicious Meals –  Mide Asake

Meeting a young vibrant sociology graduate from Adekunle Ajasin University, Maria Iyaomolore and popularly dubbed “Mide” you would love to read about her. She is a very convivial and matured young lady, who has chosen music as a career despite her training in Sociology. In a chat with Wale Adegbuyi, she opens up on some of the challenges and beauty of the music industry. 

She considered her mother as her mentor and prayer partner in the course of her life and also rated her husband as the best thing that could happen to her due to his maturity and understanding despite the demands of her chosen career.


Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Maria Iyaomolere, a graduate of sociology from Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State. I’m happily married with a son.

Maria Iyaomolore

As a trained sociologist, what led you into music as a career?

Music is a gift from God and it stands me out. I started singing at a very young age. Each time I sing in church, I feel fulfilled knowing that people are blessed when they hear me sing. So, I’ll say God led me into Music.

You are an inspirational singer, now tell us your experience since you started your career in music?

Yes, my experience and exposure started from the church and it has been a wonderful experience, as I get good comments from people when I sing well. I also started getting studio jobs to backup albums/radio jingles, and I get paid afterwards. Music has also exposed me to meeting the good, bad and the ugly people. But I bless God for how far he has brought me and what He has prepared me for.

As a sociologist-turned-musician, what has been your challenges with male suitors and admirers and how do you handle them?

Well, Thank God I’m married, being disciplined is the key. Though, some get attached because of my voice and they just want to be friends/fans, nothing more, but the ones that want to go to the extreme I have my style of getting them off my back.

Maria Iyaomolore

As a married lady, how does your husband feel when you are faced with challenges in your music career?

I bless God for the man he has given me. My husband is also into Music, so he understands a lot about the industry and its challenges. We trust ourselves, he only advises me to be careful.

“Music is a gift from God and it stands me out”



What kind of music do you sing?

Well, I’m in between gospel and secular, but my newly released single is Gospel.

Tell us the number of singles you have done and your experience with your audience?

This is my first official single and I have been getting impressive, wonderful and encouraging comments as regards the songs and the instrumentation.

I want to be remembered for inspirational music which every generation will enjoy.

How many jingles have you produced and/or co-produced and with who?

Woow….I have done so many jingles. I’ve had the opportunity of voicing, some are not recent but to mention a few, “So-Klin” Jingle (Yoruba), “Good Mama” Detergent (Yoruba) and some other ones.

Choosing between sociology and music, which one would you say has given you fulfilment?

Music….Music…Music …all the way!

Now as a mother, who engages in a busy career, how do you cope with your immediate and extended families?

I’ve been able to manage and I’ve been doing well taking care of my home with no loopholes.

Maria Iyaomolore

Where do you see your music career in the next five years?

With God, I see myself as being more professional and well experienced to perform anywhere in the world, and my music will bless, impact and also lead people to God.

Can you tell us who your mentors are and why do you choose them as your role models?

In music, every artiste with inspiring songs is a mentor. I listen to good music and I learn, I learn from any little thing I come across. I’m not restricted. But on the other hand, my mum is my role  model. She’s an epitome of greatness, love. I call her my small god. She trained me to be who I am today and has always supported my music career. She’s my prayer warrior too.

I bless God for the man he has given me. My husband is also into Music, so he understands a lot about the industry and its challenges.

Tell us the childhood pranks you play when you were growing up?

I remember this particular one, while growing up in church, my friends and I were bullies such that if one bullies another, the one bullied will have to buy food for all of us before we can play together again. It became a prank that we play among ourselves so we can eat Eba Ibo before our choir rehearsals.

How do you want to be remembered in your chosen career?

I want to be remembered for inspirational music which every generation will enjoy.

Maria Iyaomolore

What is your favourite meal and drinks?

I don’t have a favourite meal….I just love deliciously prepared meals.

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