Adekemi Bakre
Adekemi Bakre


Adekemi Bakre popularly dubbed Skerry Bakre, in a chat with Wale Adegbuyi, she expresses her passion for the film industry which she got endeared to from secondary school where she played a lead role as her age could afford her, she has also produced four films which she considered a tool to learning film making based on her experience in the investment which didn’t yield the expected returns. But alas! She is determined to bag the best female Movie Director very soon. Watch out! 


Can we have a brief introduction?

My name is Adekemi Bakre… a.k.a Skerry Bakre. I’m the first and the only female child of my parents. I’m married with two children and I studied Electrical/Electronic engineering. I also had diploma in Medical and dental office assistant and certificate in Nursing and Cosmetology when I was in United States, I have three siblings and they are all boys. I worked briefly in USA but my passion for the film industry is more paramount in my heart.

Adekemi Bakre

What now motivated you into acting as a degree holder in Electrical/Electronic Engineering?

I’ve always loved entertainment right from my secondary school. I had a group named “fly girls” we used to participate in all secondary schools’ dance  competition in Oyo state , even though I went to a pure science school (Wesley college of science) for my Senior Secondary Education after my Junior secondary school (St’ Anne’s school) Ibadan and I was the leader of the group.

“The only challenge I’ve had that I could think of is, not getting major roles when you have to feature in movies from other producers”.

Cool! When did you fully join the film industry and what’s your core area of interest?

I picked up interest in acting in the US. Went for auditions and rehearsals and i joined the film industry in Nigeria in 2008.

So tell us about your experience since you fully became a member of Nigeria film industry and what has been your challenges?

Hmmm! My experience has been awesome. The only challenge I have is the market. As a producer ,I’ve not made money / profit from all the movies I’ve produced, but I won’t relent and I won’t give up because I love what I’m doing,  and I know the time is nigh that I will start making the money. I have other businesses though.

Adekemi Bakre

“I was already married before I got into film making. My husband supported me likewise my parents”.

Did you join in 2008 in US or in Nigeria?

In Nigeria

You haven’t started making money, but committed to the course, that is a positive attitude, can you tell us how many films you have produced and their title and what is the Return on Investment of each?

I have produced four movies so far, “Eya Ara Mi”, “Paramole”, “The swamp” and “Ire Saare” is the latest, not yet released. The ROI on the first 2 movies mentioned was not really encouraging because of the way they were marketed… I would not want to say more on that, because they have only brought me into lime light.  The two succeeding ones mentioned would be marketed in another form.

Good! Now having spent 10years in the industry, can you tell us that the industry is growing at the expected rate and what should we expect in another decade to now?

The industry is not growing at the expected rate owing to the economy of the country that is under pressure or crisis so to say. I’m not saying the industry has not improved, we will soon get there, let’s pray the economy gets better and get support from the government for a better industry. We would have gone farther than imagine in another decade from now. I’m very positive.😁

Adekemi Bakre

With the advent of DSTV and other online television, do you think the producers are better off compared to when the power house was at the Idumota before it was moved to Arena?

Yes I think so

Has it improved the quality of production as well?

Though it depends on your agreement with your marketer. That’s an individual thing… because sometimes you sell the copyright of the movie to them. But if you are giving your content to DSTV or online TV, you own your copyright, you may decide to sell it out rightly or sell based on contract

 “Nothing comes easy, but with perseverance, steadfastness and prayer, dreams come true”.

There is this general view that ladies in the film industry are sexually harassed, did you at any time had such an encounter?

I have never been sexually harassed

Adekemi Bakre

But can you tell us affirmatively that sexual harassment does not exist truly?

I can’t tell you it doesn’t exist. Sexual harassment exists in every industry. Banking industry, commerce industry, even in schools.

hmmmm! As a member of Actors Guild of Nigeria, what do you think we need to do right to ensure a better life for members?

Actors should be paid based on agreement with the producer. Actors have bills too. Members need Health insurance. It’s so demeaning for any member to go to the public to seek for financial aid when they have health and/or other life threatening issues. It is also very important for members to pay their dues and as at expected time, this will allow the executive to have fund to execute their duty as expected by members.

Adekemi Bakre

That brings me to where I’m going; the industry has lost many good actors in the recent time to terminal ailment that could be managed or cured if proper attention is given. As an executive of AGN don’t you think health insurance scheme should be extended to actors and other players in the industry to avoid losing brilliant players in the industry?

Yes. Like I said earlier, health insurance is needed. Insurance should be. Available to actors in case of accident while on set, even outside locxation.

Don’t you think it is the duty of executive to liaise with the necessary sector to ensure this?

And the producer of the job too should have insurance that will cover the hospital bill in case of any accident on location of his/ her job

Let’s look at the issue of pension, as an executive, don’t you think the guild should be lectured on pension program for the members to benefit as they aged?

Yes it is. It was actually in our plan.

How soon do we expect it to unfold?

Very soon!

What advise do you have for the intending actors/upcoming?

They shouldn’t get discouraged. They should always remember that “Rome was not built in a day”. Nothing comes easy, but with perseverance, steadfastness and prayer, their dreams will come true.

When you choose to diversify into movie industry after your degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering in Movie making, how did your parent react to it?

I was already married before I got into film making. My husband supported me likewise my parents. They actually wanted me to be a medical doctor, but I ended being an engineer. The most important thing is do whatever makes you happy and if your family cares about your happiness, they will definitely support you. I actually took other courses in the US like I said. So u can imagine how much I got supported in everything I choose to do

That is lovely! Where do you see the film industry taking you in the next decade?

I’m going to be one of the best film directors. By the grace of God I’m actually going to win awards in multiples, very soon, let’s wait and see. I’m also a script.

Good! So tell me about your challenges since you came into the industry?

The only challenge I’ve had that I could think of is, not getting major roles when you have to feature in movies from other producers. You get cameo appearances and you think maybe they don’t believe in you or they don’t see you in major roles but to the glory of God, I’ve being playing major roles in movies that are not produced by me compared to the past.

Adekemi Bakre

Have you ever visited Movietainment Magazine site and what can you say about it and what is your opinion so as to serve you better in future?

Wow! It’s beautiful. I could see different columns like politics, entertainment etc. and the navigation is spontaneous, that’s one of the good qualities of a quality website

Nice having you here, hope when next we call, you will grant us audience?

You are always welcome