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Deaconess Deborah Monisola Akogun (JP)
Deaconess Deborah Monisola Akogun (JP)

Encomiums and Praises for Deaconess Deborah

For socialites and elites woman, Deaconess Deborah Monisola Akogun (JP) life is not suppose to be all rosy but challenges must come but ability to overcome it is what make one a winner and special.
Deaconess Akogun a native of Ipetu Ijesha in Osun state is the owner of the gigantic hotel named “House 4 Unique Hotel” located in the serenity of Gbagada. The hotel not only been patronized by who is who in society and socialite but also by top government official who see the abode as a very cool and comfortable for whatever they want to. But the challenges the woman went through before she could erect such a magnificence edifice is what we touch many hearts.
“While I was teaching I was a food vendor that was how I got the experience as an hotelier, so when I resigned from my teaching job after 35 years, it was not difficult for me to blend into the business.
However, in 2015 the first place I built as guess house (Ola Olu Guess House) got burnt by a groom who came to lodge here, but to God be the glory I did not let that discourage me and I moved on and here I am today”
The philanthropist who is also the Matron of Association of Yoruba Media Presenters of Nigeria (Egbe Apede) will go on to advise the association that is presently been led by Olaitan Oladele (President), Adeola Fase (Vice President) and the Secretary Olaide Gold to impact the Yoruba culture into their association as this will enrich Yoruba culture