Don’t give up-work on your dream – Adegbuyi, Adejare Olawale

Wale Adegbuyi

Don’t give up-work on your dream

Most times I wonder why people attempt suicide; Imagine why people see death as an alternative to the circumstances they are passing through. No matter what people pass through, it is only a phase that will soon pass away. The book of Ecclesiastes says in chapter 3 vs 1. “To everything there is season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”. You will succeed at your appointed time so keep working hard and have faith in God. When you are due you will not be denied.

Zig Ziglar wrote in his book “you can reach the top” “sitting still and wishing makes no person great. The good lord sends the fishes, but you must dig the bait”. Success is about tenaciously working hard and taking risks. Keep giving it all you’ve got and God will crown your efforts with success.

Wale Adegbuyi

Ecclesiastes 3 vs. 4 “A time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance”. My friend you should read the book “An enemy called average by John L. Mason “if you have a dream without aggravations, you don’t really have a dream”. He also wrote that “circumstances are rulers of the weak; but they are instruments of the wise”. Hello! Where do you belong, amongst the weak or the wise? Don’t give up; keep working at your dream.

Let’s look at the life of Ants, according to Bob Russell in his book titled “when life is a zoo God still loves you”. He said “Ants are instinctively diligent creature, whether they are scouting out food at a picnic, carting a morsel back to the anthill, burrowing the ground, feeding the larvae, protecting the queen, outfighting a battles against adversaries, they are constantly active”. Review your life, are you lazy, thirty days make a pay, whether the company survives or not your salary must be paid. Have you considered that if the Wimbledon family of Coca-Cola, Henry Nestle of Nestlé Foods, Cadbury and Schweppes of Cadbury Group now Kraft Foods were to be you, will you be able to apply for jobs in those places today? Or if Mike Adenuga of Global Communications (Glo) and Consolidated Oil Nigeria (Conoil), Jimoh Ibrahim of Global Fleet Group, Oba Otudeko of Honeywell  and Aliyu Dangote of Dangote group were waiting for someone to do it, would you have applied for job in those places? You are an inventor and a creator; make use of your God given potentials.

Who do you associate with? Proverb 13:20 reads “he that walketh with the wise, shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”. Tony Olukoyede wrote in his book “Foundation to success” that “success comes when we are purpose powered” a weak man will always be a stooge, backbiter and killer, envious and have nothing but hatred and an unforgiving spirit. Make yourself free from all these bondage and you can achieve something better.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the emancipation of blacks, that brought about the leadership of a black man in America which is highly unprecedented President Barrack Obama of Kenya origin, Nelson Mandela fought against apartheid in South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi fought for the independence of India, what do you fight for, stealing public funds, maiming people for office and promotions, killing to save name that was not there, destroying others for your benefit and portraying yourself an as hero? They choose to be instruments of positive change and not being greedy, they acquire no material things yet they are worship like a god by the entire world. Your situation may be bad today but if you don’t give up, you may create a better name than the few mentioned above.

I use the gift I have, for in the usage I find joy and happiness, I don’t necessarily have what it takes to live, but I enjoy living with what is available that I might add value and bring smiles to people’s faces while I live. Silver and gold have I none but I bless your life with the gift God has endowed me with.

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Adegbuyi, Adejare Olawale

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  1. A word is okay for a wise. Downfalls of a man is not the end of life. Thanks for the message.

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