20160109_124051Se bi Oba by Lekkzy Young hit the Music Screen


A young talented artiste named Samuel Allen Awotunde with Lekkzy Young as his stage name has just hit the music screen with a new track challenging the musical industry with his talent and wonderful voice.



20160109_111448He hails from Ile-Ife in Osun State but was born and raised in Cote de Voire.





20160109_122943He has discovered his world in music after his return to his father land Nigeria.

His return was the outcome of the civil war that took place in Cote de Voire which lead to the killing of his father in his presence, a trauma that may be challenging to clean in a life time.



20160109_124532The young man has gathered momentum and he’s doing what he knows best, you can’t wait to watch him perform.

The musical was directed by Tayo Adeleye, featuring the likes of Femi Fadeyi, Jide George, Prince George Peters, Tayo Adeleye and other notable faces.





Adesewa is a drama series that its production ran for over two weeks in the city of Oshogbo in Osun state, the story is about a lady called Adesewa, who sincerely love her husband but unfortunately the opposite is the husband.


IMG-20160328-WA030She was a woman who can be tagged loving, she rescued a very rich chief when he was involved in ghastly motor accident and fortunately the Chief survived and offer Adesewa financial gift but as a loving and dedicated wife, she decided to extend the opportunity to her husband, by negotiating a job for her husband instead of the monetary offer.



IMG-20160328-WA036The Chief obliged and offer her husband a lucrative and profitable job which changed the life of the husband without extension to his wife; he eventually ejected Adesewa from his life and took in another lady who he felt is better than the Adesewa.

Adesewa couldn’t bear the pain, and she went ahead to report the case to the Chief and Chief based on passion for Adesewa sets Adesewa husband up and took everything from him and returned him to his earlier position of job seeker, bought his house and all his properties and gave all to Adesewa.



IMG-20160328-WA026The story was written, Produced and directed by Adebayo Tijani, Production Manager; Afeeze Eniola, Cameraman; David Otemolu & Abdulahi Yussuff, featuring Wale Akorede, Kamilu Compo, Lasigun Doyin Kukoyi, Mercy Ebosele, Yinka Adekunle