Olakunle Da-Silva
Olakunle Da-Silva



Olakunle Da-Silva in a chat with Wale Adegbuyi, gave an insight into how he came into the industry and the grace he had to combine his passion with his source of income, many also wonders why he features in very few films, he exposed all that in this interview as well as his good moment and triumph.



Can we have a brief introduction?

My name is Olakunle Da-silva.  Born 30th May 1970, in Lagos State, Brazilian Quarters of Lagos Island.  Attended St. Mary’s Private School and Holy Cross Cathedral Primary School, Lagos Island. I had my Secondary school education at Government College Victoria Island.  I also attended Lagos State Technical College where i bagged my Dip in Garment Making & Textile Design.  I also have a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Sociology from the Lagos State University (LASU).


Olakunle Da-Silva

May we know what motivated you into acting as a graduate of Sociology and a trained Garment maker and designer?

I started my acting career at the Technical College. Back then, we go around schools performing on stage. So I started with stage acting and from there I met a childhood friend who is into movie acting and I told her I am also interested in it and she introduced me to the appropriate association. That was how I became a member of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Art Practitioners (ANTP).

“I don’t joke with my family oo! They are my all.  I want them to be great in life so I put my all into their overall training.”

 Can we be privileged to know the year you started stage and the year you joined the screen industry?

I started stage acting in 1989 and I joined the screen in 2004

Can you tell us the title of your first screen job and your experience?

The first movie I featured in was “Eto Ikoko” (Confidential Right) produced by the lady that introduced me into the movie industry, Mary Joseph. The movie featured, Sola Sobowale, Funsho Adeolu, Late Moji Olaiya, Mama Taiwo Hassan and my humble self. And it was directed by Mr. Yemi Amodu. The experience was wonderful. I was meeting the casts for the very first time and they were all friendly with me. They never took advantage that I was a greenhorn. Most especially Late Moji Olaiya (May her soul continue to rest in perfect peace), she’ll call me privately on set to correct my errors and that endeared me to her.

Olakunle Da-Silva

Good one! Having spent 14years as a screen actor, what would you tell us had been your challenges so far?

The unprofessional attitude of my colleagues. From the producer that wants to produce with stipends yet want to make millions by ripping off the artistes, to the ones that brings in unqualified artistes on set for their selfish reasons.  To the pirates that are not helping matters.

“Aside acting, I am a Civil Servant and a Fashion expert.”

 hmmmm! As a professional in the industry, what can you recall as your most pleasant moment?

My pleasant moment was when I got an advertising job with Sanyeri from Glo with the influence of Funke Akindele who is their Ambassador.  We were invited for auditioning amongst several other actors from different parts of the country and we were among the few that scaled through. And you know what means from a Communication giant.

 Good one! Where do you see yourself in the next 10years in this industry?

Next 10 years, without resting on my oars and with the blessings of Almighty God, I see myself at the pinnacle of the movie industry

Olakunle Da-Silva

Cool! Now that the MOPICON is now approved how do you think that will regulate the industry and how do you think we can combat piracy and bring it to the barest minimum?

Well MOPICON was established to bring sanity into the industry, fight for the rights of both crew and casts and also support them. On how it’ll regulate the industry. If when it goes into full operation, the machineries put in place by the government will surely do the needful but seriously, there is still a lot of work to be done. I believe Rome was not built in a day, so slow and steady, we’ll get there.

“I started my acting career at the Technical College. Back then, we go around schools performing on stage.”

Good! In your candid opinion, do you think DSTV and other cable station has done well for the film industry or the service has marred the industry?

They have done well. They really have tried. While dealing with them, everything is well documented and they stand by their words. Most importantly, they have helped us improve on the contents we produce

 How do you see the industry in the next ten years?

Improvement. The government and some stake holders have invested enormously into the industry

 Good! What advice would you give to the upcoming act?

They should be patient and not be too desperate to achieve success by crooked means.

 So far! How many films have you produced?

Two “Ofin” and Asejere

 What is the market value of the two film produced, can you rate it as success?

The market value of Ofin was enormous because it was a multi-million project while the other, though a success but was a smaller project

Olakunle Da-Silva

Are you into any other business or profession outside filmmaking and acting?

Emmm, Yes! Acting though a passion to me but I am not into full time, that is why you won’t find me in almost every movie you watch. I select which movies I feature in because of my busy schedules. Aside acting, I am a Civil Servant and a Fashion expert.

That is great! How do you cope managing the ever busy acting schedule with civil service and fashion design?

Seriously, it’s not too difficult. Everything is about planning. Remember I told you I am not into acting full time. It’s a hobby, so what I do is that, anytime I am invited for a movie shoot, I tend to make arrangements with the Production Manager or whoever to schedule my scenes to weekends. So from Friday after the close of work, I zoom off to the set. Before then I l’d had packed everything in my car before going to work. Thus making it easy. But I make use of Annual leave a lot though because by then I have a longer free time to myself to allow me do my thing. As for the Fashion stuff, you know it’s not possible I act everyday so I do that during my spare time as well. The key point here is planning. I am very good at that.

”My pleasant moment was when I got an advertising job with Sanyeri from Glo with the influence of Funke Akindele who is their Ambassador.  We were invited for auditioning amongst several other actors from different parts of the country and we were among the few that scaled through.”

Olakunle Da-Silva

Whao! As a family man, can you rate yourself as a responsible married man and how do you relate with female fans and admirer?

I don’t joke with my family oo! They are my all.  I want them to be great in life so I put my all into their overall training. As for the female fans, we can’t separate that from our everyday life. They abound everywhere. Not just in the movie profession alone so when they come, I deal with them maturely. Remember, I am also a Sociologist and in simple terms, it’s the scientific study of human beings. So dealing with women is not a major challenge.

Thanks for your audience, we hope when next we call you will be willing to attend to us

Thank you very much for everything. May Almighty God bless all that is yours, Amen

Charles Oputa
Charles Oputa

I had wish my children stays with me – Charles Oputa

Charles Oputa popularly dubbed as Charly Boy, admitted that children are trained differently as a result of their nature and condition of birth, which he said while describing his relationship with his children particularly his daughter who was recently married.

He stated that he felt his children could stay with him forever but it is natural that they have to create their family as well. But he had a wonderful relationship with his children and gave them a good upbringing and often reminded them of the family tradition of being themselves all the time.

He described his son-in-law as a gentleman, considerate and thoughtful and his parents as people of pedigree and he wishes the couple a happy married life.

He also admitted that there are different strokes for different folks. I guess that’s the joy of parenting because not every kid would turn out the way you want him or her to. Some are late starters, while some are early birds.”

Charles Oputa

“All my children have a bit of me in all of them and that’s only natural. I didn’t intentionally make it that way by conditioning their minds towards anything. I always tell my children to stay true to whom they really are, chase their dreams and be independent. I also tell them not to neglect the values and principles that we hold sacred in the Oputa family. I do whatever I want to do, and not what anybody tells me to. I expect that my children are going to be the same way. As long as it is a positive thing and it makes them happy, I would encourage them. I am their father and friend.”

Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye
Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye



A tete a tete with Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye, who hail from Ajaawa in Ogo Oluwa Local Government area of Oyo state, Southwest, Nigeria. The young man in his 30’s bares his mind on the film industry and his interest in politics. He was categorical about his view of Nigerian politics and why he never pray to be a politician. Excerpt


Good afternoon Mr. Jokotoye, can we go a little into your background?

I’m Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye, I’m in my late 30s. I’m from Ajaawa via Ogbomosho, Oyo state. My father was a pastor when he was alive, my mum is alive and stay with me in United States. I have three (3) sisters and two (2) brothers. I started my primary education at St. Martyrs Primary School, Erin Ile, where I only did primary one and proceeded to St. James Primary School, Bacita all in Kwara state and went further to Ilofa Grammar School, Kwara state and completed my secondary education at Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Akure. I was admitted to Former University of Ado-Ekiti (UNAD) now  Ekiti State University to study Banking and Finance but dropped out of school in my second year and at present going back to school in still pending with the hope of returning to school in future, when the time is ripe.


Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye

Kindly tell us what motivated you into acting since you are a son of a pastor and I’m sure your home will be more biblical with little room for social life?


You are very right! I grew and lived in the mission house for 20 years which prepared me for life challenges that was ahead. I started acting from the church at age five (5) when the church drama group started using me as a kid actor and I started professionally after I dropped out of school in 2002.


When you switched into the secular film acting from the gospel, what was your parent’s reactions and how did you manage the heat at the time?

My dad went against my decision before he passed on in 2001 but my mum had no choice when I made my decision, because mothers will always see things differently.

Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye on set in USA

As a professional actor in Nollywood, have you at any time produce any film? If yes! Can you rate it as a success in term of market value?


I did one in 2012 titled “Epe Ana”, but the return on investment was poor as a result of poor marketing and promotion, and I was unable to recover my investment not to even mention profit. I just shoot another one with some crew from Hollywood in Indianapolis, directed by Bayo Alawiye.


Looking at the industry today, Multichoice has really exposed so many artworks of most producers as well as the online television and some of the local television, can you say this technological advancement has added any value to the film industry in Nigeria? If yes! How? And if No! What do you consider as shortcomings and what can we do better?


Well, it has taken movies to the grassroots, and producers now smiles to the bank now, from the online marketers and promoters.

Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye

Can we then conclude that it has added value from reaching out to viewers as well as a financial success in term of return on investment, but has that stopped the piracy of intellectual properties?


From the two films you have produced so far, which one would you categorize as your favourite?

The latest one, MR ROLAND

We learnt you have relocated your family to United States, can we say it is as a result of the economy or it’s just a temporary stay to make things work again?

I was never married in Nigeria, it was after I moved to United States that I got married and now have my family here.

That is a good news! What is your next agenda as regards the film industry, do we expect to see you feature in Hollywood film anytime soon?

If GOD says yes, I featured in a series already here in United States but it is a Nigeria story titled “LAGOS 2 CALI”

Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye

That is a good start! But are you working towards becoming a Hollywood star?

Yes, if GOD says yes

Now as an experienced actor cum film producer, what advice would you give to the younger generation and the intending actors?

They should fear GOD and discover their talent and work hard to get to the top.

How would you rate your experience in United States compared to when you were in Nigeria, what would you want our government to address to make this place better?

Well, our leaders are treating us like slaves in our country.  They can do better if they want.

Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye

Most seasoned artiste are crossing over to politics, do we expect to see you flagging off your campaign anytime soon?

I’m not interested, just want to do my best for myself with GOD on my side. Politics in Nigeria is a deadly game.

What is your opinion about Movietainment Magazine and what do you think we need to do better?

You guys are doing great already, expand your coast more.