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Oluwo Adeboye Oyesanya
Oluwo Adeboye Oyesanya

American based socialites  buries  father in style

It was  a party and ceremony to behold last Saturday  at NUD Primary School, Agbado, , Ogun State when socialites and some important celebrities from Donald Trump country (USA) stormed  the gateway state for the burial of Oluwo Adeboye Oyesanya, a native of Iperu-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria. who during his life time was a practicing Babalawo of repute with vast experience in Ifa and traditional medical practice for more than five decades.
Having worked at the Nigerian Army Ordinance Base, Yaba, Lagos for almost two decades he retired in 1988.
He was not new to society as he was the first person to , organized an event by the Association of African Traditional Religion of Nigeria and Overseas, AATREN, Lagos state, of which he was the Chief Missioner.
One of his children Chief Fakunle Oyesanya (USA based Babalawo and Psychologist) who is well known in America where he was based spoke glowingly about his late father. “He was loved by everybody, in fact I never knew how he was loved not until when I got US and see the way people eulogised him and when he died you need to see the list of many important personalities that paid their tribute. So I was not surprised when most of my friends in America and UK promised to storm Nigeria for the event which they have fulfilled despite the fact that the final burial is taken place in Ogun state   my father was known for his astuteness and leadership abilities, high moral virtues, uprightness, truthfulness, humility, benevolence, reliability, timekeeping, patience, and love for everyone.
 Other children that survive him include Chief Fagbenga Oyesanya (Bank of Industry) Chief Fasola Oyesanya, Ifaronke Abosede, Fakemi Ajayi, Faseyi Durosimi, Ifakorede Oyesanya and Ifaponle Oyesanya., grandchildren and great grand children

Court dissolves 12-year-old marriage over lack of care

An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Wednesday dissolved the 12-year-old marriage between Lekan Ajayi and his wife, Busayo, over lack of care, frequent fighting and desertion of matrimonial home for five years.

In his judgment, President of the court, Mr Joseph Ogunsemi, said that the marriage had broken down irretrievably.

Both parties should go their separate ways and maintain the peace,’’ he said.

Ogunsemi awarded custody of the first child to the petitioner (Lekan), while the second child was awarded to the respondent (Busayo).

He ordered that the petitioner should pay N5, 000…monthly to the respondent for the upkeep of his child.

“The money should be paid to the registry of the court for onward delivery to the respondent,’’ he said.

He granted unrestricted access to the children for both parties.

Earlier, the petitioner, Lekan, 39, an automobile mechanic, told the court that his union with the respondent started in 2005 and she deserted him in 2012.

He said that he has been the only one responsible for the education of his children since the respondent left him.

Lekan said he was tired of the respondent unruly behaviour and her refusal to take correction.

“She decided to pack out when she felt she could not abide with my instructions as the husband and father in the house,’’ he said.

He appealed to the court to award the custody of the two children to him in order to enable him take good care of them.

The petitioner urged the court ‎to dissolve the union for peace to reign in his life.

The respondent, Busayo, 40‎, a cardigan weaver, denied the allegations made by her husband.

She said it was the petitioner’s family that was partly responsible for their matrimonial crisis.

Busayo said the petitioner’s life style also contributed to their problems, stressing that her husband was a drunkard.

She urged the court to award the custody of her two children to her and demanded N15, 000 as monthly feeding allowances for the children.




Prince Adebayo Dave Gbadebo
Prince Adebayo Dave Gbadebo
Prince Adebayo Dave Gbadebo

Ilogbo Ekiti: a neglected home of Princes and Princesses


Sometimes we wonder the reason most people forget their ancient towns and take refuge in a place of sojourn. Some towns and villages are still suffering from their archaic and obsolete way of doing things traditionally.

Ilogbo from all available information is a victim of such orientation. Many wonders why it has suffered set back despite having all children in high places and going by an article that was written by Maxwell Adeyemi Adeyeye, the town called Ilogbo Ekiti is far from 21st century development.

Ilogbo Ekiti is located in Ido/Osi Local Government Area of Ekiti-State in the Southwestern region of Nigeria. The town is suffering from bad road, lack of potable water, even WAEC has abandoned the town secondary school which left bo option but for the children of secondary school age to seek succor in a neighboring town. Imagine such a high level of suffering. It I well noted in the Maxwell write up that since 1999, democracy seems to be a curse on the town and the people of Ilogbo Ekiti as no government in and out remembers the place after election despite all their effort during all election to make sure the leadership is on their side which had always being.

A Prince of Ilogbo Ekiti, who would have also been of assistance has ran out of the country as a result of the barbaric traditional rites which was supposed to have gone with history.

In this present age, a tradition will still allow for killing, despite the all the claims of Christianity and Islamic religion which everyone claims without second thought.

Prince Adebayo Dave Gbadebo
Prince Adebayo Dave Gbadebo

The case is a young Prince of the Elegosi family of Ilogbo Ekiti Prince Adebayo Dave Gbadebo a native of Ilogbo Ekiti. He’s the first grand male child in the lineage of late (Elegosi) The High Chief Adebayo Sunday Awelewa. And according to the traditional rites, it is a conditio-sin -qua-none, it is the first grand make child that must succeed every late (Elegosi) and as a matter of fact he’s the present grand male child of the lineage of Elegosi.

And by tradition they have being doing everything humanly possible to force the young man into becoming the next (Elegosi) which by his religious understanding he couldn’t base on the conditions attached to the position which is loss of his loved and passionate wife, which will obviously become a sacrificial lamb, also the next Elegosi when performing the ritual of the enthronement he has to eat human part as well as have all his daughter circumcised despite the medical implications and campaign against female circumcision. All these are unacceptable in today’s society, if the title must remain can they talk to their deities to change its taste and eat better things than human flesh and circumcision blood.

I want to belief the major setback the town witnesses is as a result of this barbaric things, I guest the gods are angry with the people for not changing their meals as other gods in other places are eating friend rice, chicken, plantain, pounded yam and ice cream.

I guess the Oba, Oba Edward Oluleka Ajayi who is a doctorate degree (PhD) holder from the University of North London, United Kingdom, should investigate into this family because the youngman we are talking about has left Nigeria for south Africa, when he was discovered and he felt unsafe, he recently moved his family to United States despite managing a lucrative business in Nigeria.

Imagine a town with the caliber of people such as Dr. Omojola Awosusi (Ph.D.); Prof. ‘Tola Olutoye, a former Provost, College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti; Dr. ‘Deji Fasuyi (PhD), an ICT expert and Senior Lecturer in EKSU; late Obagbade Bamisaye, a former Comptroller General, Nigerian Custom Service; Olufemi Aina, a top official of the Nigerian Custom Service; Justice Adesodun of the Ekiti-State High Court; Barrister ‘Tunji Orisalade, a Lawyer and former Deputy Speaker of Ekiti-State House of Assembly; Prince kayode Jegede, Special Adviser to Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti-State on Infrastructures Development and Public Utilities during his tenure in office amongst many others. Is suffering from this setback, how will such a structure grows the future leaders who will save it from the backward situation.

“The gods of the land are angry “


 Adegbuyi Adejare Olawale