Blindfold of Sentiment 3 – IDEDE Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande

Blindfold of Sentiment 3 – IDEDE Oseyande

“Experience they say is the best teacher; but it can also be misleading”

Shortly after the Edo Youth Leadership Summit 2018 (EDYLeadS ’18), organized by Prince Harrison Ehimiyen Foundation in March this year; the foundation also launched an entrepreneurship programme. The programme was to raise mentors and a sum of hundred thousand naira each for young entrepreneurs across the eighteen (18) Local Government Areas in the state. As someone that is always abreast with happenings in the foundation, I still found myself asking the Project Manager more than once, if the entrepreneurial scheme was genuine. I found it very difficult to publicise the initiative as I was scared due to previous negative experience whereby, announcement would be made to the public, while those that would be given the grant were already known.

Interestingly, I was not the only one with such sentiments. Do you know that despite the publicity, both on radio and social media, application still did not come from some parts of the State? Egor Local government, that happens to be the location of the Foundation head office did not have a single applicant.

This reminds me of the debate I once had with Jack Obiyan-Buhari, in Prince Harrison’s foundation office; when he was defending the alleged “laziness”, used by the President to describe Nigerian youths. Jack gave series of vacancies that exist in the state, waiting for applicants. He said, though these youths might not necessarily be jobless due to laziness; their mindset keep them jobless. What mindset was he referring to?

Many people have this belief that every advertorial is for formality. Even when the advert is coming from a private firm, we still believe the recruiters have who they want already, and as such, need not apply. While we cannot completely blame those that hold such sentiments, as it might be a reflection of their previous experiences, we must however, let them know that experiences can be misleading.

Experiences are supposed to guide you in making a better and well informed decision, and not to make you static and inactive.

Today some people are indifferent about the forthcoming general elections because of the disappointments from those they previously elected. Now, is that the solution?

Our experiences ought to help us avoid future mistakes, make a more informed decision as well as take improved actions; and not a justification to become indifferent and moribund.

Got some negative experiences limiting you that you want to share?

I am right here waiting to hear it!

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