A Moment of Distraction: My Dodo Story! – IDEDE Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande
IDEDE Oseyande

A Moment of Distraction: My Dodo Story! – IDEDE Oseyande

Last week Monday, I felt the urge to eat fried plantain, to compliment the boiled rice and fish stew prepared for breakfast. So I walked into the kitchen to fry the plantain. As I started the process, the picture of fried plantain uploaded on Facebook by Salami Ismail El’sama sometime ago crossed my mind. So I said to myself, “I am gonna make something so perfect to let them know that man still has his culinary skills intact”.

The first batch of the fried plantain was so perfect, and I was already beaming with smiles and satisfaction, rehearsing in my mind, how I would set the dish for the pictures. Suddenly, I became impatient, I couldn’t wait to finish the frying, “oh gosh, dem go hear word”, I kept smiling as the sliced plantains were responding perfectly to the heat of the boiling oil.

“In fact let me record the frying process so that they won’t say I am not the one that did it”, those were the self-deceptive words that ruined the whole success story.

As I stepped out of the kitchen to get my phone from the study room, I saw a Whatsapp message from a friend. The message was so hilarious that I had to quickly respond. While at it, I forgot my plantain on the fire.

By the time I got back to the plantains, my testimony and pride of presenting a “world class dodo” had been dented. While trying to salvage the rest from becoming burnt offerings, I had a flashback of some life lessons my elder brother had always shared with me.

In his words; “let your success speak for itself. Don’t be so quick in broadcasting an idea or a process that you think will take you to the zenith; get there first, and your presence will announce itself.”

If I had not been distracted by my inability to curtail my emotions while frying the plantain, perhaps, everything would have been just perfect. My “special dodo” might have been trending online now.

There are so many people like me out there. While still working on that idea, that process, that goal, they are already distracted with the euphoria of the future. They are busy nursing fantasies of how they will rock their success, how they will “pepper dem”, and all that. In the midst of that little distraction, they lose focus, and then everything starts to fall apart. Before you know it, they start to blame innocent witches, and relatives in the village.

Let each success story be like a sheet of paper, and then keep filing each sheet in your success file. When the file is full, the bulkiness of the file will be seen by all. Same way your success will be noticed when it becomes bulky.

Stay calm and keep hustling, don’t let the euphoria distract you.

Do enjoy your evening!

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