Queen Ayotunde Balogun
Queen Ayotunde Balogun


 The Association of Juju Musicians of Nigeria (AJUMN) has denied a report published by a soft sell magazine that the Juju house is in trouble over fraud and election.

In the report, the executive of the association was condemned for not allowing a new set of people take over the mantle of leadership of the Association.

The report was published in two separate editions of the magazine; one was published in Vol. 29, No. 4 February 19, 2018, page 18 and the second in Vol. 6 March 5, 2018, Page 15 of the magazine. 

The writer accused Queen Ayotunde Kofoworola Balogun aka Queen Ayo Balogun of overstaying in office and mismanaging the funds of the association.

She was quoted to have said that she would conduct the branches election before the national election, and she was accused of pocketing the patrons of the association, which has Sir Shina Peters as Chairman, Board of Trustees. 

It was alleged in the report that the elders of the association including Professor Y. K. Ajao, Admiral Dele Abiodun aka Adawa Super, Uncle Toye Ajagun, Great Ade Samson and Uncle Wale Olateju who recently departed this sinful had been pocketed by the president of the association. 

Speaking in an interview with Movietainment Magazine on the issue, the Secretary General of the Association, Mr. Oladipo Onafowaokan aka Dipo Gatos, denied the report that he had resigned his position in the association.

Gatos however, stated that he took permission from the president of the association last year through a letter to attend to some pressing family issues and travel abroad for a special assignment that would consume time and that he felt that the association shouldn’t be left unattended to because of his absence. 

He was of the opinion that it’s natural for an organization of brilliant minds to have different opinions on the same issue or different issues as the case may be, but that in its true sense, there must always be a meeting point to get things done. 

He revealed that at a Board of Trustees meeting in 2016, one of the leaders and a member of BOT of the association asked if Ayo Balogun was still interested in the presidency, and that she replied in the negative.

He stated that Queen Ayo told the leaders that chapters election would soon be conducted to be followed by national elections that would lead to her exit as national president as she needed to attend to some personal pressing issues. 

The Secretary General further stated that the writer didn’t balance his story, and that such news that concerns an association should be balanced so as not to feed members of the public with false information.

Gatos also responded to the allegation that Queen Ayo Balogun has been in office as president for 10 years.

He noted that constitutionally Balogun has been in office for seven years starting from when the association was formerly inaugurated.

He explained further that based on the constitution of AJUMN, election ought to have been conducted in 2016, but that it couldn’t hold because some elders believed that Queen Ayo should continue to stay in office against her wish.

According to him, the association did not have the needed funds to conduct election, because, as he said, members were not paying dues and that the association is broke, adding that conducting an election requires fund. 

We also had a chat with Mr. Ademola Bolaji aka Merciful, who made it clear that the writer of the story was just being mischievous “because I was privileged to talk to him and I asked him for the source of the news he published, but he kept mute.”

Bolaji stressed that the association is grateful to Queen Ayotunde Balogun for her commitment to the growth of AJUMN because, as he said, she ensured that the association was properly registered and she is doing her best to ensure sanity in the association.

He said that where members fail to pay dues and the branches election is not conducted, the woman could not go ahead to conduct the national election.

Queen Ayotunde Balogun was away in the United States of America as at the time of writing this report, but we will get her to state her side of the story as soon as we get across to her.


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